LXR Marketplace Launches SEO Webpage Analysis Android App!

We’re very excited to announce that LXR Marketplace has launched the SEO Webpage Analysis Android App!

SEO plays an imperative role in determining your website’s ranking in organic search results. Now, by simply entering your URL, the SEO Webpage Analysis App will generate a user-friendly and easy to read report with the results of the SEO analysis.

This tool quickly and easily crawls your website for various on-page SEO factors such as content, links and keywords.

Along with providing these elements in an easy to read report, this tool also provides recommendations for each of these factors that can affect your website’s organic search results ranking.

Now, you can quickly and easily analyze your website’s SEO with this app and improve your website’s on-page factors to help your ranking in organic search results, all from your Android!

Check out the free tool here!


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