10+ Year Growth Partnership
with Lenovo


Lenovo, founded in Beijing in 1984, is a globally recognized electronics brand operating in over 160 countries. They are the #1 PC company in the world and are well-known for their ThinkPad, IdeaPad, and Yoga series of laptops and products that include the latest Intel Core processors.

NetElixir’s partnership with Lenovo started in 2010 when we were brought in to manage the paid search program on Google and Microsoft in the North American Market. Lenovo had aggressive growth goals for their e-commerce business and a five-year plan to grow from the #5 PC company in the world to #1 (which we helped them achieve).

They sought a partner who could be an extension of their digital marketing team and had the know-how and resources to rapidly and efficiently scale their profits. We invested significantly in understanding Lenovo’s culture, their business lines, their regular introduction of new products, and their strategic imperatives in order to empower their growth on a global scale.

Together, we created a groundbreaking growth story that has spanned over 10 years.


  • Record-Breaking Holiday Seasons: Lenovo earns a substantial part of their revenue during Cyber 5 (Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday), so we adjusted to the fast-paced promo changes, sometimes hourly, that accompany the season.
  • Extension of Lenovo’s Global Team: We helped devise a collection of best practices that could be scaled globally, including processes to transfer knowledge within product and marketing teams.
  • Paid Search Became Lenovo’s Fastest Growing E-Commerce Channel: As Lenovo’s strategy partner, we matched their exceptional capacity for strategy and execution to drive growth year after year.
  • Developed Nuanced Customer Profiles: We crafted unique campaigns and promotions across  Latin American and seventeen European countries. 


To ensure consistent YoY growth for Lenovo over the course of our decade-plus partnership, NetElixir was challenged to continually innovate and test new ideas to meet and exceed Lenovo’s extremely high-performance standards. Lenovo’s consistent innovation and introduction of new products meant we had to ensure continuous market penetration through strategic and supportive ad promotions.


NetElixir’s own fanatically analytical approach meshed well with Lenovo’s hyper-focus on profitable growth. Our team philosophy aligned with  Lenovo’s commitment to understanding their individual customers, to customize a solution that fits the end user’s goals, culture, and personality. NetElixir’s management role expanded into Latin America and seventeen countries across Europe. We adopted a “glocalization” method of cultural immersion to determine unique promotions, pricing, and campaigns that fit each country’s unique demographic. We matched Lenovo’s exceptional capacity for strategy and execution to drive growth year after year. 

Over the past ten years, our team has developed a disciplined and proactive account management strategy that ensures significant growth YoY. Our approach involves continually testing, adopting new features, and evolving with paid search best practices, as well as adapting to each country’s audience profile and cultural preferences for effective ad campaigns. Between just Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday alone, the team made hundreds of thousands of optimizations. Our endless drive and innovation over the years led to some million-dollar days during Cyber 5. 

Together, NetElixir and Lenovo built a fluid partnership based on trust and growth. The partnership evolved from simply transactional to strategizing and testing across products, businesses, and countries. Our expertise decoding customer insights, forecasting, strategizing, and executing results shone through, allowing us to independently manage and test campaigns as we became an extension of Lenovo’s global paid search team.

Key Results

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years of trusted partnership
+ 0 %
revenue over 10 years
0 %
portion of revenue that came from paid search alone in 2020 (up from 8% in 2021)
$ 0 M+
earned in one day over Cyber 5 from just paid search

"NetElixir has helped grow our holiday SEM program tremendously year after year. I would recommend NetElixir to any company that is looking for a great business partner."

-Limin Zhao, Senior Global Paid Search Manager