Jump Ahead of Competition with the Keyword Combinator

The Keyword Combinator, one of the free tools available on NetElixir’s newly released LXRMarketplace, will maximize the performance of a retailer’s online marketing campaign and allow businesses to remain ahead of competitors.

Retailers tend to struggle to stay ahead in the current market of search engine marketing because it is extremely competitive. One way to overcome this problem is to create long tail keywords which have less competition and are relatively less expensive. These keywords, however, tend to be very time consuming to create and require a lot of creativity.

The Keyword Combinator tool has been created to generate these successful long tail keywords for you quickly and with little manual labour. It generates an exhaustive range of long keyword phrases based on your base keywords and in a format that you can easily upload on Google Adwords Editor as well as MSN adCenter Desktop. It also allows you to add keyword match types, maximum CPC bid and landing page URL, all from one screen and the whole process takes only seconds!

At NetElixir, we suggest that you test keywords often, typically once every 15 days, to ensure that the keywords you are paying for are driving success. The Keyword Combinator helps make that process easier.  Smart keyword expansion within seconds helps you conduct more tests and realize a greater bang for your search marketing dollar.

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