Why Video Content is Important For Your Marketing Strategy

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Video content is swiftly becoming one of digital marketers’ most important tools for reaching new and existing audiences. With YouTube among the world’s busiest search engines, your e-commerce business should already be leveraging video content to connect with high-value customers. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more are favoring video content over other kinds of posts, and having videos on your site can improve your SEO and your search engine ranking, so find favor with the algorithm by creating and posting videos.

Not sure you have the time to come up with effective video? You’re not alone: according a survey by Wyzowl, when businesses that don’t use video were asked why, 30% cited lack of time as their number one reason. But those who use video marketing have found an impressive return-on-investment, with 87% of respondents in the same Wyzowl survey having seen an increase in sales, and 90% or more of respondents saying that it has increased consumer understanding of their product or service, increased brand awareness, increased traffic, and helped to generate leads. And customers are fans – 89% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video, and 91% of people say they want to see more brand video content in 2023, the above Wyzowl survey finds.

Today any small business with a smartphone can shoot a good, low-budget video to use online. But like any successful marketing content, your videos will have the most impact if you think strategically about the content and the execution. Here are a few key areas to consider as you develop and shoot your videos.

Know Your Audience

Before drafting a script for your videos, consult your customer personas (or generate them if you haven’t already!) to make sure you have a firm grasp of who your target audience includes. Consider what kind of content they would be most interested in and determine on which platforms – including social media apps and sites and even email – they would be most likely to encounter your video and even share it with their network.

Create Video Content Intentionally

When picking a topic and direction for your video, be sure to have a clear understanding of your intentions. Clear intentions will help you produce videos that drive sales.

  • Reviews and testimonials allow you to build brand loyalty and trust with existing customers and increase brand awareness among potential new customers while staying authentic.
  • Company history and behind-the-scenes content can deepen your relationship with customers and cultivate trust in your brand.
  • Demos and reviews can provide customers with key product or service information to aid them in understanding what your e-commerce business can offer them.
  • Comment and sharing engagement on key social media sites can extend and advance relationships between your brand and customers.

Optimize Videos for Platform and Search Engines

Gone are the days of slick, high-budget videos – at least on social media. But your video content should still be appropriate for the platform and catch and hold viewers’ attention while they’re scrolling. Your ads should intrigue viewers, not annoy them. Once you’ve developed your concept, a few steps can improve your ranking on YouTube and other services and make sure potential customers will find your video.

  • Create compelling thumbnails and video titles that are at least five words long to catch potential viewers’ attention.
  • Choose a target keyword – a topic, question, or highly specific keyword – and work it into the video’s title and the script of your video naturally.
  • Use cards and end screens that tie into your video’s topic and offer viewers an opportunity to further engage with your video.
  • Add hashtags to your metadata that signal the video’s topics and scope.
  • Encourage viewers to comment and subscribe, and answer the comments you receive on your videos.
  • Add tags to your video, including your target keyword, a few variations on that word, and words that highlight other topics included in your video.

Work with NetElixir

NetElixir’s experts are here to help you design a strategy for success for your e-commerce business. We’ll work with you to write video scripts that showcase your business and converts new and existing customers from viewers to buyers. We also offer video editing services that will take your content to the next level. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

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