How to Use Our Holiday Planning Resources

Your odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot is about 1 in 259 million. It’s more likely that you’d be struck by lightning. It’s even more likely that you’re still wondering how your retail ecommerce business can thrive in the 2018 holiday season. Luckily, your chances of success are far greater this year thanks to NetElixir’s Holiday Readiness Kit for Retailers!

What Is That?

Glad you asked. We’ve put together a variety of retail-centric resources to help you win big this holiday season with every marketing dollar you invest. This includes helpful 1-on-1 clinics, a workbook, a planning calendar, and our yearly webinar where we’ll spill the juiciest tips for success as you countdown to the holidays.

Holiday Clinics

Our Holiday Clinics are a unique opportunity to chat face-to-face with our search experts. In a matter of 45 minutes, we’ll help you strategically plan for the holidays with our industry-specific predictions and trends. We’ll also leave you with immediate actionable insights to help you win more customers. Get started today by signing up for free!

We’ve helped our clients outperform industry benchmarks by 3x with our holiday insights.

Holiday Workbook

Our Holiday Readiness Workbook is a downloadable PDF of 20 proven ideas that can help retail marketers achieve impressive holiday results. Learn about the steps you need to take to excel across the areas of PPC, PLAs, SEO, and Social with holiday-oriented strategies. Simply download and check off each action item as you complete it!

Holiday Planning Calendar

Our Planning Calendar will help you prepare your paid search strategy with our projections. You’ll know exactly how and when to get the most out of your ad spend throughout the November and December months. This handy, color-coded calendar will be available in September with our most up-to-date holiday predictions.

Holiday Webinars

Last but not least, you can tune into our holiday webinar series to prepare your team for the steps needed to win this holiday season. We’ll be leading off with our highly practical SEM Holiday Hacks webinar on August 9th, followed by our 2018 Holiday Season Forecast webinar on September 13!

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