How to Automate AdWords with Time-Saving Scripts

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Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to manually adjust biddings in your AdWords account? Think about how much more efficient you could be if you weren’t so busy worrying about all the endless combinations of factors to optimize. That won’t just be a fantasy if you check out the time-saving scripts we shared in our most recent webinar.

As you grow your paid search efforts, automation needs to be your best friend. Below, you’ll learn about a few of our favorite custom AdWords scripts that we use for our clients. Just don’t be too alarmed when you find out how much time you’ll be saving using each of them!

But What Is A Script?

A script is simply a snippet of JavaScript code that has the power to perform commands right in your AdWords account. However, we want to warn you that using scripts requires a background in JavaScript. You’ll also need an active AdWords account that’s large enough where manual updates can become incredibly tedious.

When you use scripts, you can extend the capabilities of AdWords beyond what you’d be able to typically do. You can pull in data from external sources—think inventory and conversions—and push out data like email alerts and reports. AdWords scripts can allow you to make changes across your entire account, a subset, or even multiple accounts. The best perk of all: saving time!

Let’s go into exactly which scripts you should be implementing today.

If you manage an AdWords account manually, you have to keep all of these factors in mind,

Broken Link Checker

Every advertiser’s biggest foe is the dreaded 404 – Page Not Found. Broken links are the easiest way to ensure a customer will never come back to your site. Equally appalling, they cause you to waste money on clicks and potentially lower your quality score. Fear not, because downloading our Broken Link Checker is just the solution you need.

This script flags any URLs that don’t return a 200, 301, or 302 response. As a marketer, you want to make sure you’re able to take your customer to the exact page they’re looking for. Ensure that none of your pages are broken by using this script and checking the provided report once a month or once per quarter.

  • Time Savings: 3-4 hours, depending on account size.

Product-Group Level Bidding for Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the most powerful platform for promoting products and advertisers are likely using most of their budgets on ads in this network. As you keep adding product SKUs, it may be difficult for your current account set-up to handle this growth. Keeping the same bidding strategy for all of your product groups will likely end in failure, because different products will have varying demands, and require more specialized attention. This would take too much of your own time, but an automated command is sure to help you out with that.

Our product-group level bidding for Google Shopping script allows you to individually look at product groups from a distinct ROAS perspective. This script requires an account manager to determine the ideal ROI for each specified product category. On an ongoing basis, the script will compare each group against its identified ROI constraint, allowing you to increase bidding or exclude product groups that aren’t working for you. It’s hassle-free and effective!

  • Time Savings: 16+ hours per month

By implementing just these two useful AdWords scripts, you can potentially save around 20 hours per month, giving you an opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time off, or focusing on other strategic initiatives.

The best news: we are going to continue to share 1-2 scripts per month for the rest of the year!

To find out about the other scripts we shared and how to use them, browse through our free AdWords Scripts library. Your time is precious. Start saving it now while improving your marketing strategy!

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