Gratitude Month, April 2020

Gratitude Month, April 2020

As April is underway, NetElixir has been observing a month of Gratitude amid the current crisis. While showing gratitude in the face of a crisis can be daunting, it will help us get through this together. Now, more than ever, we should take the time to appreciate the little things.

Read on for some of what NetElixir has been doing this month, for both our clients, our employees, and those affected by the outbreak. 

Helping Small Businesses During the Coronavirus Outbreak

In an effort to help small businesses who have been forced to close for being ‘non-essential’ amid the coronavirus outbreak, NetElixir is offering a solution to move businesses online in only 10 business days. To provide small businesses relief and stability during this challenging time, NetElixir’s team will set up a fully functional ecommerce site so businesses can continue to serve and reach their customers. 

If your store or business has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, let NetElixir help. Our mission has always been to help businesses succeed online and that is true now more than ever before.

Gratitude for our Community and Coworkers

Internally, NetElixir is celebrating weekly virtual team happy hours to keep in touch while we are remote working. These have included game and trivia nights, learning everyone’s home office space, and zoom creative background challenges.

In a historic event at NetElixir, we had the entire NetElixir team from across the globe meet face to face (and screen to screen) for a communal reminder that we are stronger together.

Founder and CEO Udayan Bose said, “The holiday weekend brings new blessings of love, hope, peace, good health and happiness. As we navigate our own uncertain times, may a thousand flowers of hope and sanity bloom, each valid so long as it is viable in buoying the human spirit it animates.”

We sent personalized thank you notes to each team member and shared positive current events in our weekly meetings. For some current positivity, check out:

We encourage our team to take advantage of spring days when they come and go for Gratitude Walks in the sunshine. While on these walks, take a moment to slow down and notice something you are grateful for around your neighborhood. Take a break; these times are stressful and we all could use small reminders of the beauty around us.

Every other week, NetElixir hosts our Official Retail Ecommerce Covid-19 Updates Live Research Webinar. By providing real-time data into the year over year change in ecommerce sales and online shopping behavior across seven retail industries, we are providing marketers, business owners, and consumers with precise and updated information. Clarity on the latest data allows marketers and decision makers to strategize effectively and deftly navigate this unprecedented situation in order to continue to serve their customers and community.

We just hosted our third installment this past Thursday, April 9. On our second installment on March, 23, we introduced a new segment to our webinars called Retail Superheros. The purpose of the Retail Superhero segment is to acknowledge the contributions of specific businesses in serving people during these difficult times. 

Gratitude for our Retail Superheroes

Our first Retail Superhero was Wakefern Food Corporation for ShopRite, represented by our guest speaker Parag Shah, Vice President of Grocery. At the webinar, Shah announced that Wakefern for Shoprite was donating makeshift hospitals to aid governmental and local law enforcement. The company is also adding more benefits and greater compensation to its workers during the pandemic.

Our second Retail Superhero was UPS, represented by their President of SMB and US Marketing Gerard Gibbons. The UPS team has gone above and beyond by working around the clock to meet a massive surge in demand for deliveries over the past weeks. Few understand the impact such a demand spike can have on a retailer’s supply chain. UPS has continued to deliver exceptional service with a smile. 


UPS is supporting small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak. They have started a weekly survey to gather the sentiment among medium-sized and small business owners to see how the coronavirus impacted their companies and forecasts. Some reflected a “cautious optimism” in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak as a short-term impact on their business.

We would like to extend to UPS our gratitude for their continued exceptional service and share #ThanksforDelivering.

As always, thank you for your support during these times. Thank you for your strength, as we will get through this together. Be safe and please continue to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

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