Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google announced that a new major update — called the Helpful Content Update — is aimed at surfacing more helpful, reliable, and trustworthy content in search results. This means Google’s algorithm will now prioritize pages with comprehensive, in-depth information that clearly answers searchers’ queries. So what does this mean for websites and content creators? Well, sites with thin, low-quality content may be ranked lower. The best way to optimize your content for this update is to focus on creating content that provides real value to users. Here are some tips:

  1. Do in-depth research and provide complete information on a topic. Don’t just briefly summarize what can easily be found elsewhere. Offer your expertise and insights! 
  2. Make sure your content is clear and readable. Use headings, lists, images, and examples where appropriate. 
  3. Be transparent by linking out to high-quality sources. This shows you’ve done your research. Address the user intent behind a query. Answer all the questions a searcher might have. 
  4. Create content that stands the test of time. Evergreen, useful content will be rewarded by this update. 

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