Google’s Big Holiday Push: Click Share

Google’s Big Holiday Push: Click Share

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In the midst of Google’s big holiday push, they’ve recently announced a new metric called “Click Share” for Shopping Campaigns. We’ve answered some of your most anticipated questions regarding this new feature below. Check it out!

What is Click Share?

Mathematically speaking, it’s the probability of the:

Actual number of clicks you received /
Estimated maximum number of clicks you have received

How is Click Share estimated?

If we follow the above formula, the numerator metric is already available. The denominator (the estimated maximum number of clicks you could have received) is measured from a probability factor, determined by the prominence of your Product Listing Ads, as well as by the number of ads you show for a given search query.

Is Click Share currently available in Google AdWords?

Currently, Click Share is only available within Google Shopping Campaigns, and captures data from September 9, 2015 and forward.

How can you use Click Share to optimize your campaigns ?

Here are some general tips:

  • If Click Share is low but your impression share is high, that means your ads are showing up, but no one is clicking on them. To fix this, you would need to improve the relevance of your ads, as well as increase the bid to potentially get to a higher position.

  • If both the Click Share and impression share is low, you have to first get additional impressions and then as a result, a better Click Share. To fix this, you would need to check whether your campaigns’ budget is getting depleted and as a result, causing any loss in impression share. If so, all you need to do is increase your budgets.

  • If impression share is lost due to your Ad Rank, you can simply improve your bids and the quality scores of your keywords.

  • Showing multiple ads from the same advertiser can also help improve Click Share by increasing your chances of having your ads clicked on.

NetElixir Shopping Guru’s predictions:

  • 60% of paid search spend in 2015 will be on PLAs. During the 2014 holiday season, PLAs accounted for a little more than half of the paid search spend. In 2015, we predict this will jump up to 60%. This will escalate tremendously due to the introduction of Click Share, as Google clearly tells advertisers about their missed opportunities in spending and motivates them to quickly close those gaps. This could potentially result in a sudden surge in spending on PLAs.

  • Google’s bottom line to be stronger.  In 2015, we saw the rise of programmatic and personalized advertising through which Facebook and Apple are competing with Google. The social and hardware market share that Facebook and Apple possess are causing deep dark nightmares for Google and they’re very much on edge to ensure that they don’t lose the “allocated advertising spend” share to these competitors. Introducing Click Share will trigger more spend by advertisers and improve the overall image of Google.

  • Google to extend “Click Share” to search network campaigns. Currently this metric is only available in Shopping Campaigns, but by 2016, this may get extended to Search Network campaigns as well.

For any other questions regarding Google’s new “Click Share” feature, feel free to reach out to us with any questions via!

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