Google Marketing Live 2019: The Push for Mobile and Local

The importance of SEO during Google Marketing Live surfaced through the mention of mobile and local calls to action. If your website is mobile-friendly and you optimize your business’ presence on Google My Business, then you can move forward in the next step.

Deep Linking

Deep linking helps you analyze the overall impact of your campaigns and reduces the friction from the web versus app experience. Sissie Hsiao, Vice President of Product Management at Google, mentioned during Google Marketing Live that advertisers need to use Google Ads web tracking with deep linking enabled. This feature needs universal links and app links to be enabled to be effective. This feature will be available in Search, Display, and Shopping Ads.

According to Hsiao during the event, Google saw 2x conversion rates driven by deep linking ads.

Actionable Steps You Can Take

  • Use deep linking for loyal customers who made purchases in your app in the past.
  • Have those users interact with your app, especially those who didn’t open it recently.
  • Compare app analytics with site analytics to understand if the app is ready to deliver expected impressions in the first place.

Promoted Pins

Users will see promoted pins when they’re on their way to their destination on Google Maps, said Oliver Heckman, Vice President of Engineering, Shopping, & Travel at Google. Since users are already planning their trip, optimizing for local is key for all businesses with local stores and should be the first step in the process. You can optimize for store actions like visits or phone calls.

Download our checklist of the top 10 announcements from this year’s Google Marketing Live. You can also read our best practices on audience, automation, creative excellence, and measurement as part of our Modern Search series.

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