Google August 2023 Core Update

  • Google has successfully rolled out its August 2023 Core Update, impacting search results rankings.
  • Google places a strong emphasis on creating content that is of high quality and prioritizes the needs of users to achieve optimal site performance.
  • Google clearly said that if you see a decline in performance after a core update, it doesn’t mean there is an issue with your website.

Google made an announcement on August 22, 2023, stating that they were commencing the rollout of their latest core update. This update process wrapped up on September 7, 2023, spanning a total of 16 days to reach completion. 

This marks the second significant algorithm update in 2023, with the preceding one having been initiated in March 2023.

How To Recover

  • Make sure your web content is of the utmost quality with valuable information that aligns with the interests of your target audience. Moreover, it is essential to continuously deliver new and relevant content to maintain engagement and interest.
  • To rank higher on Google, create valuable and trustworthy content that follows the E-E-A-T guidelines (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). This will help your content be recognized as reliable and shown to users when they search related queries.

Additional Insights

  • It’s evident that enhancing your website may not result in an immediate shift in your rankings. However, you need to look for opportunities to continually improve.
  • A decrease in rankings could be attributed to modifications made during the core upgrade, rather than being indicative of issues with your website’s structure or content. It’s important not to make any drastic changes to your site just because your site’s traffic has declined after the update.
  • Brands who observed declines in their rankings should focus on enhancing the quality of their websites rather than seeking immediate technical remedies. If low traffic persists, then consult an expert.

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