Google analytics custom reports

Imagine the following scenario.

You’re in Google Analytics and you go to transfer a custom report from one view to another. Suddenly, you find yourself asking “what’s the next step?”

It would be great if there was a way you could easily get all the data you need while saving time in the process. However, if you have multiple accounts or domains, pulling all the necessary data to uncover consumer insights can be a real hassle.

For instance, we were recently asked to do analysis for an account that has multiple top level country domains for their websites, i.e. .co.uk for the UK, .com for North America, and .co.au for Australia. The analysis needed to be repeated for each domain, and we built a custom report to make grabbing the numbers we needed easier.

We still couldn’t recall how to copy the custom report from one view to another. When we Googled “how to copy a custom report from one view to another”, all that came up was an article written way back in 2010. Needless to say, this didn’t answer our query.

After playing around a bit with custom reports, we were able to find a way to copy a custom report that saved us significant time and helped us streamline the process of gathering the essential information we needed.

The question is what is the step-by-step process we took?

Option 1:

The first option is to use the share feature.

As you can see below, go to the customization tab in the account with the report you want to copy.

Google Analytics Custom Reporting

Then, click share from the Actions drop down menu for the report you wish to copy.

Google Analytics Custom Reporting

Google Analytics will then give you a URL, which you can paste into an email, an IM or directly in a browser session if you are logged into the account where you want to copy the report design.

Google Analytics Custom Reporting

Option 2:

If you’re working in the same account, another option is to simply click the Edit link when you are viewing the report you want to copy. Then, on the Edit Custom Report page, scroll down to the Views section. Here you will find a drop down that lets you select the profiles in your account where you want this report to show.

Either of these methods can help make copying your custom reports a simple process. This way, no matter how many domains you have, you’ll be able to pull all the data you need in as little time as possible.

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