Fresh Idea Tip #9: Make Transactional Landing Pages Relevant

When advertising online, companies should always be looking for ways to increase conversions. A couple of the many ways etailers can do this is by building trust, demonstrating consistency of message, and guiding visitors along a logical conversion path. In order to execute all of these methods, a relevant landing page must be built.
Searchers will be more likely to click on ads they feel meet all of their criteria, but the click is even more likely to evolve into a conversion if their experience on your site is easy and reliable. There are five incredibly important things to keep in mind when building transactional landing pages:
1. Maintain consistency of message and deliver what you promise. If you follow through with your ideas and commitments, the visitors to your site are more likely to follow through with their actions and purchase your products.
2. Segment visitors and guide them along the appropriate conversion paths. By understanding why visitors are at your site, you can direct them to pages that will be most relevant.
3. Keep the page simple- visitors should easily know what to do next. Online shoppers like simple, linear conversion paths. No one wants to spend minutes to find what they are looking for when it could take seconds. If visitors get lost on the site, they could get frustrated and just leave.
4. Establish landing page specific KPI’s that link to overall campaign KPI’s. Honing in on specific ways to measure the success of specific pages will help you measure how the overall campaign is doing.
5. Test, test, test. Evaluation is key in improving campaigns.
Don’t forget that your landing page, along with ad copy, is responsible for building brand credibility more than any other “contact element.” If you’re interested in improving your campaigns in other ways, make sure you read the full copy of our ebook at
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