Fresh Idea Tip #8: Use Twitter to Create Immediate Campaigns

Social networking websites, especially Twitter, have been the new buzz everyone is talking about in multiple business sectors. In search engine marketing, you can actually use the tool to extract keywords from tweets and integrate them into campaigns. By doing this, you will be able to generate keywords you may have not necessarily considered, and your campaigns will be more immediate and relevant. Tapping into real-time conversations like this is something that has never been done before and has the potential to make your short term campaigns stand out from the crowd and deliver extraordinary results.
The first step of the process is the actual extractment of tweets that are relevant to your business. NetElixir’s Twitter Buzz Analytics Tools assists online retailers in doing this. It can search Twitter and pull out words from tweets that appear to coincide with keywords that you currently use. The next step in creating the campaign is to sort through the new keywords and identify potential ones on which you can advertise. Because it is a software that does the extracting, there is a chance there will be keywords that appear often in Tweets about your brand or product, but have no relevance to words to actually want to pay for. Next, you can build a dedicated campaign around the keywords you chose and then measure the performance contribution. As with generating any keyword list, it is incredibly important that you remember to test, test, test and then replace ads and keywords that do not perform well. The final step is to remember to pause your campaign at the appropriate time if it is limited to a specific time period (e.g. Black Friday).
If simply being able to easily create immediate, specialized campaigns isn’t enough to convince you that using Twitter in SEM campaigns is a great thing, here are 5 more benefits:
1. Great monetization potential of recent conversations
2. Edge over competitors
3. Higher relevancy to customers
4. Significantly lower cost per click
5. Brand reputation enhancement
For more information about how to integrate Twitter into your SEM campaigns, check out NetElixir’s ebook at or visit the website if you’re interested in hearing more about the technology we use at
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