Fresh Idea Tip #7: Differentiate through Targeted Ad Copy

Differentiate through Targeted Ad Copy

With millions of people searching online everyday, advertisers need to find unique ways to stand out from their competitors. At the same time, consistency, honesty, and giving searcher what they expect can all help contribute to increasing conversions. By combining these two thoughts, online advertisers can create targeted ad copy to differentiate themselves, pre-qualify visitors, and build brand credibility.

Before you go live with the final draft of your ad copy, your copywriter should answer the following questions:

1.    At whom is your ad copy targeted?
2.    Does your copy convey your uniqueness?
3.    What will compel the searcher to click on your ad (and not your competitor’s)?
4.    Where does the searcher expect to land on your website post clicking?
5.    Is your ad copy relevant to the keyword search query?

An additional idea to consider is creating dedicated ad groups with tailored ad copy sets- the more relevant and targeted they are, the better. Don’t forget that ad copy performance should be measured on a weekly basis. We recommend that ten percent of low performing ad copy (that has been live for at least 90 days) across the entire account should be replaced. You can do this by allocating a percentage of your ad budget to test new ad copy every month.

If you’re interested in more information about creating an efficient SEM ad campaign, check out the full copy of our e-book at

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