Forget Brand Content, Say Hello to Influencer Generated Content

Forget Brand Content, Say Hello to Influencer Generated Content

“Influencers” is a word often used but just as often misunderstood. Recently exploding in growth, many companies have begun leveraging influencers for the superior content they generate. In a recent survey done by Linqia, “57% of survey respondents reported that influencer content outperformed brand-created content”. Brands have begun to realize the power in the content these individuals create too.

Linqia Survey Results On Influencer Generated Content Performance

Linqia Survey Results on Content Performance

Convenience is the word of the day. At this time, companies are now working remotely and everyone is adjusting their lives every day. But this doesn’t mean marketing has been put on hold. Now more than ever, it is important to be active online. However, many new challenges have arisen as we work from home, especially for new product launches, content creation and photography. Companies should be reassured, however, that creative solutions are producing excellent and easy results.

Linqia Survey On Influencer Marketing Budgets

Linqia Survey On Influencer Marketing Budgets

In addition to strong performance, influencer generated content can be much cheaper to produce compared to professional photography. There’s no need to rent a studio and typically the photographer/model is the influencer themselves. Three different charges are consolidated into one flat fee! Even better, if you are working with nano-influencers (influencers with 5K followers and below), they are typically more receptive to product only payment. They also have the highest engagement rate, with 3.9% compared to micro-influencers who sit at 3.0% (Linqia).

Finally, the days of poor-quality content from influencers are long gone. Smartphones are able to produce high-resolution images that are comparable to entry-level stand-alone cameras. You no longer need a thousand-dollar camera in order to create stunning work. Brands benefit from broader and more diverse options. 

Influencers bring word of mouth marketing to the next level. Not only can they advertise your product but they can also provide content that can be reused across all of your marketing channels. In challenging times such as these, brands can smartly use influencers to get the most bang for their buck, without sacrificing quality or quantity. If convenience is the word of the day, influencer marketing is the natural solution for brands. 


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