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NetElixir’s FACES 2021 report features primary research into how online shopping behavior evolved throughout 2020 as shoppers adapted to new digital initiatives.


Online Holiday Shopping Behavior of High-Value Customers

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Learn how marketers and retailers can use  the high-value customer profiles in our FACES report to strengthen their campaign strategies.

We work with COMPANIES like:

  • A breakdown of data from pre-pandemic (January to March), non-holiday pandemic (March to November), and holiday pandemic (November to December) timeframes.
  • How high-value shopper behavior evolved throughout the course of the pandemic.
  • Deep insight into how to target and engage your high-value customers.

We encourage you to use this exclusive report to increase your understanding of your high-value customers and help guide your marketing and business decisions. This report includes:

The pandemic accelerated digital transformation and brought many shoppers online for the first time in their lives. These new-to-online shoppers displayed unique online shopping behaviors and provided a brand-new market for e-commerce retailers that cannot be ignored or overlooked.

 Understanding live consumer data will be critical in this new digital era. Our Retail Intelligence Lab analyzed high-value shopper behavior across 10 retail categories: B2B Manufacturers, Fashion & Jewelry, Home Furnishings, Baby Care, Pet Supplies, Beauty & Cosmetics, Gifting, Tactical Wear, Tools, and Food & Gourmet.