FACES 2023:
High-Value Customer Insights Report

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We break down the search-shop-buy behavior for high-value customers across 11 retail categories using industry benchmark data, compiled from over 2 million real-time online customer actions to help optimize your customer engagement strategy.
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Our consumer insights research report reveals your high-value customers and how their online shopping behavior evolved throughout 2022. We break down the search-shop-buy behavior for high-value customers across 11 retail categories. Insights include:
  • In which industry’s purchase journey mobile holds the most significance
  • Which day and time high-value customers were most likely to make a purchase
  • How the holiday season sped up the latency period of high-value customers (latency being time from first click to final purchase)
  • Which high-value customers spent the most per order this year

How Does FACES Help Optimize Your Marketing Strategy?

This one-of-a-kind high-value customer benchmark and consumer insights report helps marketers create responsible and empowering strategies. With real-time insights into how your customer’s search-shop-buy behavior has changed over the course of a year, you can glean online shopping trends and better anticipate your customers’ next click.

Why Should You Target Your High-Value Customers?

High-value customers are brand loyalists who spend 3-5X more compared to average customers. By investing in the moments that matter most in their purchase journey, you’re more likely to engage high-value customers through critical touchpoints. Increase the value of each marketing dollar by focusing on high-value customers for a great ROI and sustainable e-commerce growth.

What Makes FACES Different From Other Customer Insights Reports?

NetElixir’s report is one of the few customer insights reports that focuses exclusively on high-value customers.

Our data is collected based on real-time paths-to-purchase from actual shoppers throughout the entire year and aggregated into a holistic view of your industry’s top shoppers. We let your shoppers speak for themselves to help you better understand their needs and journeys.

The Tech Behind The High-Value Customer Insights

FACES is possible thanks to our proprietary AI-powered digital-marketing platform. LXRInsights shares actionable insights into your brand’s most valuable shoppers and introduces you to your high-value customers. Knowing which customers drive the most lifetime value for your brand helps maximize your ROI and expand the reach of your budget, while strengthening your customer engagement strategy.

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How Has Online Shopping Behavior Changed?

This year marks our fifth FACES report and is part of our ongoing research into consumer insights. Browse through the data regarding your customers of years past.

Download FACES 2019

Our first edition analyzed the YoY changes of customers during the 2018 holiday season.

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In last year’s report, we analyzed behavior across three timeframes: pre-pandemic (Jan. 1 to Mar. 15), non-holiday pandemic (Mar. 16 – Nov. 15, 2020), and holiday pandemic (Nov. 16 – Dec. 25, 2020) to better understand how online shopping behavior evolved throughout 2020 as shoppers adapted to new digital initiatives.

Download FACES 2020

Our second edition analyzed the YoY changes of customers during the 2019 holiday season.

FACES 2019

In our first edition, we presented a unique, comprehensive analysis of how high-value customers’ online shopping behavior changed during the holiday season.

FACES 2020

In our second edition, we continued our research into online shopping behavior to better understand how your high-value customers searched and shopped online during the holiday season.

FACES 2021

In our third edition, we analyzed the online shopping behavior of your high-value customers throughout the year to understand how the pandemic influenced their habits.
Faces 2023

FACES 2022

In last year’s release, we continued to dive into emerging consumer behavior trends brought on by the pandemic and evolving social and digital initiatives.

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Our proprietary customer analytics technology, LXRInsights, introduces you to your high-value customers. High-value customers are those who are likely to spend 3-5X more with your brand than average customers. Don’t waste your valuable marketing dollars chasing after average customers.

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