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How well do you know your customer? Do they exhibit different purchasing behavior throughout the year?

Our primary research found that mobile accounted for over 50% of orders for the apparel industry on Black Friday 2018. That’s just one day out of the entire holiday season. The NetElixir Retail Intelligence Lab decided to dig deeper to assess how high-value consumers shopped online before and during the 2018 holiday season. The result? FACES our free downloadable eBook, brings you one step closer to understanding your customers and staying ahead of your competition.


We analyzed over 1.5 million unique online customer paths to purchase across 10 retail verticals. We compared data from two 30-day periods, the one immediately before the 2018 holiday season (10/21 to 11/20/18) and one during (11/21 to 12/20/18). For each of the verticals (women’s apparel, home furnishings, food and gourmet, grocery, sporting goods, B2B, art supplies, pet supplies, and promotional products), we grouped data into four categories:

  • Purchase Latency: How long did your customer take from their first website landing to complete a purchase?
  • Cart Size: What was your customer’s AOV and how many items accounted for that amount?
  • Day-Parts: When was your customer more likely to start and complete their shopping? (Day and time)
  • Impact of Mobile: By what percentage did your customers use a smartphone to first land on your website and then purchase online?

Our findings revealed that mobile had a greater impact on initial website visits during the holiday season (48%) than during the prior period (44%). Why is that?

Don’t miss NetElixir’s newest webinar on Thursday, February 28 at 2 p.m. EST as we review and explain our primary research to help you better understand the FACES of your retail customers. Reserve your spot via netelixir.com/webinar!

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