Day by Day: Ecommerce Growth Across Retail Categories

Day by Day: Ecommerce Growth Across Retail Categories

More states have entered the next phase in their plan to reopen. For some, this includes non-essential retail stores that are open for curbside pick-up and restaurants with outdoor dining. At our sixth webinar on how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting ecommerce sales and online shopper behavior, NetElixir will continue to go over the real-time data to show how online sales continue to change year over year and chart ecommerce growth. 

From our last webinar, on May 21st, we saw a continued rise in year over year ecommerce sales – which points to a promising path along the road to recovery: 

ecommerce growth year over year during the coronavirus pandemic

At our upcoming webinar, we will look at another month’s worth of daily data to continue tracking ecommerce growth and trends.

We will break down the data for the timeframe of May 17 to June 13, as the curve flattens and most states have reopened.

However, as important as data is to understanding how and when consumers are shopping, it is equally important to contextualize and use the data. A panel of retail executives will put the data into context, exploring how their companies have overcome the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic and how they are navigating the road to recovery. Hear their stories, firsthand experiences, and strategies for engaging their consumers in this new normal.

The Road to Recovery: Lessons From Mid-size Retailers webinar showcases the unique challenges and learning opportunities that mid-sized retailers have faced. While large-scale companies’ stories are shared, we need to hear from all retailers about their unique challenges and insights to better strategize moving forward.

Join us tomorrow, June 18 at 2 PM ET for a live Q&A with our retailers:

  • Ruth Jeffers, CEO of Jeffers Pet
  • Lee Kantz, Director of Direct-to-Consumer ecommerce of Itzy Ritzy
  • Aaron Pelander, Vice President of Marketing at GovX

Read more about and meet our panel of retail executives.

Retail Ecommerce Growth Across Categories

One day of insights can paint a picture of how your customers are navigating the online space; new shoppers are continually flocking to ecommerce stores. The digital trend, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, does not appear to be slowing down. 

Continue reading for a brief rundown of the daily changes, as we compare the retail ecommerce data from June 15, 2019 and 2020 for our retail categories. Overall, the Average Order Value saw big year over year increases throughout retail categories. Tools and Hardware and Pet Supplies retail industries have positive changes for all five categories. Food and Grocery continues to see tremendous growth.


  • Website conversions rose 6%.
  • The number of transactions increased 37%.
  • AOV decreased only 2%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders increased 19%.
  • New orders jumped 155%.

The year over year change in AOV for the Apparel retail category is among the smallest we have recorded. The Apparel industry is starting to bounce back as reopening prompts people to refresh their wardrobe. 

Food and Grocery

Over one day, we saw:

  • Website conversions jumped over 120%.
  • The number of transactions soared 355%.
  • AOV increased 5%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders decreased 26%.
  • New orders skyrocketed 600%.


  • Website conversions rose 144%.
  • The number of transactions jumped 173%.
  • AOV decreased 16%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders increased 5%.
  • New orders soared 113%.

Home Furnishing

  • Website conversions rose nearly 70%.
  • The number of transactions skyrocketed 238%.
  • AOV increased 9%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders decreased 38%.
  • New orders jumped 166%.

Pet Supplies

  • Website conversions rose 116%.
  • The number of transactions soared 200%.
  • AOV jumped 39%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders increased 45%.
  • New orders skyrocketed over 460%.

Our panelist Ruth Jeffers will speak more on how her company helped provide vaccines and necessary supplies so her customers could continue to care for their animals.

Tools and Hardware

  • Website conversions increased 115%.
  • The number of transactions jumped 226%.
  • AOV soared 63%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders jumped 91%.
  • New orders increased 124%.

To learn more about how the coronavirus crisis continues to impact ecommerce sales and online shopping behavior, register now for our webinar airing live tomorrow.

Additional Insights

Our next speaker in our Reimagine Tomorrow series is George Day. Professor Day will speak on How Vigilant Organizations Gain An Edge on Thursday, July 9 at 2 PM ET. Register at

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For further reading, you can see our prior retail analytics updates on retail ecommerce and online shopping behavior:

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