Day 4 #AnalyticsWeek Presentation – Mastering Attribution

Analytics Week 2015 Mastering Attribution


Thank you for attending the final presentation of this year’s #AnalyticsWeek! In this presentation, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics at NetElixir, presented the first ever look into his original research on mastering attribution models in Google Analytics. You can check out this presentation now to learn how attribution works, the impact that 20 different marketing channels can have on your revenue, and how the lengths of conversion paths should inform your attribution strategies.

Thank you for attending this year’s #AnalyticsWeek event. We hope you had a blast learning new tactics and strategies to improve your analytics reporting. We hope you will join us again for our next knowledge-sharing event!

Day 3 Q&A

1. Can we use advanced segments in the MCF or Attribution Reports?

A: No, unfortunately you can’t apply any of the advanced segments or any custom segments you have defined for your other reports to the MCF or Attribution Model reports. That said, please see the following question about custom conversion segments.


2. Can you give an example of a custom conversion segment we might want to think about using?

A: The custom conversion segment capability has many of the same segmenting possibilities that the advanced segment feature provides for the other reporting sections in GA. Here is a glimpse at some of the parameters you can use to build a custom conversion segment:

The first view is the include/exclude filter for determining which sessions you include or exclude from your custom conversion segment:


Here is the 2nd parameter view.  In my example, I was using ‘keyword’ as the condition for identifying the interactions to include:


Also, for those of you familiar with regex, you can use regex for the filters, which means you can build a fairly sophisticated segment using these options:


One example most readers would probably find of interest is New Visitors.  You can choose to include New Visitors and then apply another filter such as Path Length =1 as I did below.  This will show you all single path conversions from New Visitors.


Here is a snippet of what the model comparison report looks like for the above custom conversion segment using the linear model and one of the custom models I showed during the webinar.  In the custom model, I added an increased weighting for organic visits occurring in the first interaction of the path.  You can see the jump in conversions from the linear to the custom report:



3. Can you set up custom credit rules by position in the funnel?

A: Yes, you can by using the dimension ‘Position in Path’, as shown below. Here I show an example for matching first interactions from Organic Search and one for matching the last interaction coming from the Affiliate channel:



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