Crafting Ad Creatives based on Customer Journey

Crafting Ad Creatives based on Customer Journey

Paid Search is mostly valued as a new customer acquisition channel. However, its value as a channel that influences existing customer behavior and long term loyalty is often ignored.

We have been able to extract incremental value from paid search campaigns – both revenues as well as consumer insights – by building campaigns around customer journeys.

Let us consider two simple customer paths – for new customer acquisition and for strengthening relationships with existing customers. A typical customer acquisition involves – awareness creation – generating interest – evaluation – trial and finally adoption.

The stages till “trial” can be considered as Path #1 (acquisition) while adoption (followed by engagement and evangelism) can be considered as Path #2. Separate paid search campaigns need to be successfully created around each of these paths. The keywords selected – the ad messaging – the KPIs for measuring performance – need to be all different, so as to effectively address the “specific search intent” at each stage.

An Example of how ad copies may need to be customized (in terms of just the call to action):

Awareness: Find Out More.

Interest: Discover Benefits of Advanced Technology.

Evaluation: Compare the benefits.(Checkout the CNET Reviews).

Trial: Free Shipping Ends 4/30! (notice the exclamation mark.. our research proves that ! induces a sense of urgency)

Adoption: Review Your Purchase.

Evangelism: Share on Google+.

NetElixir University April Webinar (2pm EST, 4/24/2014)- The Math Behind the Message: Research Insights for Crafting Successful Adwords Ad Copies – will cover the above insights and more.

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