Coronavirus Relief Beyond Online Shopping

Coronavirus Relief Beyond Online Shopping

Data from Monday, April 6, 2020. Published Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, the lasting effect on the economy is yet to be calculated.  During this unprecedented times, daily data into ecommerce sales and online shopping behavior sheds light on the “new normal” the outbreak has created. As people adapt to the new normal, some turn to retail ecommerce to supplement their essential and comfort item needs and shower loved ones with a little thoughtful gift. Comfort during this difficult time comes in supporting each other and lending a helping hand to provide relief to coronavirus anxieties.

Apparel Industry Insights During Coronavirus

The apparel industry has, unfortunately, taken a hit during the coronavirus outbreak. The shutdown of event and social spaces has limited the need for new wardrobe additions. This past weekend, apparel has seen:

  • 16% decrease in conversion rates.
  • 32% decrease in transactions.
  • 4% decrease in average order value.
  • 52% increase in percentage of mobile orders.

People are urged to stay at home and practice social distancing. The new work dress code consists of casual sweats and lounge wear. However, the apparel industry is still aiding in the global crisis in creative ways. For example:

The apparel industry is still providing global relief and adorning essential workers. 

Virtual Gifting Amid the Coronavirus

Social distancing measures will help flatten the curve and reduce the spread of infection; however, social distancing can get lonely. Virtual happy hours with coworkers, video chats with friends, walks, spring cleaning, and online shopping help boost our spirits while social distancing.

Sending virtual gifts to loved ones spreads happiness and lets them know we are thinking of them during this time. The gifting industry, which includes items like flower baskets, food arrangements, egreetings, and other novelties, has experienced year over year growth during the outbreak. During the weekend from April 3-4, gifting saw the following growth when compared to the 2019 data:

  • Website conversions have increased 128%.
  • The number of transactions have increased 178%.
  • The percentage of mobile orders have increased 50%.

Small gestures can go a long way during this difficult time. Sending a letter, a bouquet of fresh flowers, or something small to brighten up a work-from-home space can help your loved ones get through this anything!

Researching the Continued Impact of Coronavirus on Retail Ecommerce

Register for our live webinar that shares the real data on ecommerce sales during the coronavirus. Our webinar will air Thursday, April 9 at 2 PM ET. NetElixir is proud to announce our second retail superhero: UPS. UPS’s President of SMB and US Marketing, Gerard Gibbons will be joining us for a live Q&A. We applaud UPS’s exceptional contribution not only for helping us get our packages on time, but also in giving back to communities around the world to provide relief during this difficult time.

Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO of NetElixir, emphasizes the importance of real data. Real time data, gathered daily by our Retail Intelligence Lab, shares a glimpse into how people are coping day by day. 

Additional Insights

While we have covered an extensive dataset, it is by no means exhaustive. If you are interested in discussing specific insights for your category, please email us at

You can watch our March 11 webinar here, which was the first of the series on tracking the impact of the coronavirus on ecommerce sales and online shopping behavior.

Our March 26 update webinar featured our first Retail Superhero and detailed over a month’s worth of research.

For further reading, you can see our prior retail analytics updates on retail ecommerce and online shopping behavior:

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