A NetElixir and ChatGPT Conversation: How Generative AI Is Disrupting Search

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I am ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI. I have been trained on a large corpus of text data and can answer questions and generate text in a conversational manner. I can provide information on a wide range of topics, including history, science, technology, and more. I am not a human, but I have been designed to communicate with people in a natural and intuitive way. My goal is to provide helpful and accurate information to assist with your queries. -ChatGPT on being asked to introduce itself

The generative AI chatbot ChatGPT has taken the digital world by storm and can fundamentally change our approach to content and marketing. We’ve entered into a brave new world and, understandably, there are a lot of questions about what ChatGPT means for the digital marketing landscape. NetElixir’s Founder and CEO, Udayan Bose, shares some of his thoughts regarding how generative AIs like ChatGPT are disrupting the search experience. And, to spark conversation that is the crux of ChatGPT’s potential, I’ve asked the chatbox to answer the same questions Udayan discussed.

NetElixir’s viewpoint on ChatGPT is to leverage the AI to generate the first draft, to stand on the shoulders of giants, as it were, to elevate our own ideas.

Read on for the starting conversation of NetElixir and ChatGPT’s perspective on the future of search.

What Is ChatGPT’s Long- and Short-Term Impact On The Paid Search Business?

In the short-term, we now have the foundation of a very smart friend who can help marketers generate content. ChatGPT will not change the need for well-written personalized content or the human element of ingenuity; instead, ChatGPT offers a massive boost in creativity and productivity by elevating the starting point of our idea generation. New creative ideas will be the key differentiating factor for agencies, determined, in part, by how they leverage ChatGPT and other generative AIs to enhance their work.

In the long-term, ChatGPT will have a massive impact on search engine results pages (SERPs). SERP has become very cluttered, feeling like a big shopping mall with ad bombardment and an endless scrollable list of options. ChatGPT can add an important more humanized, more conversational dimension to search.

Screenshot of OpenAI's ChatGPT answer to What Is ChatGPT’s Long- and Short-Term Impact On The Paid Search Business?

How Likely Is It That ChatGPT Could Displace Current Search Engines?

It is unlikely that ChatGPT will replace search engines entirely as it only shares one answer. However, its innovation will force SERPs to go through a massive update. In fact, we could see ChatGPT create a brand new conversation funnel alongside the traditional search funnel.

The New Bing experience has already integrated ChatGPT into its algorithm for a real-time search function that could enhance the user experience. Google will need to catch up, as Bard’s recent launch has shown, to match the new order that ChatGPT has introduced. However, we don’t know what we don’t know; Google’s response to ChatGPT could add an entirely new dimension to consider and reshape the AI and search conversation once more.

Screenshot of ChatGPT's answer to How Likely Is It That ChatGPT Could Displace Current Search Engines?

Are We Seeing Ad Dollars Being Diverted To Bing? How Are Advertisers Responding?

This is Bing and Microsoft’s iPhone moment; Bing has made some very bold steps in innovations and restructuring search as more of an assistant rather than just a question and answer format. ChatGPT is not a separate model, but will most likely become more integrated into a user’s life, bringing chat, browse, and search functions to one conversation funnel.

Based on Google Trends data, we are seeing about a 33% lift in interest in Bing. In a post-ChatGPT landscape, traffic is shifting to Bing. With this shift in traffic, it is worth testing a 15-20% incremental budget on Bing to judge how Bing customers compare to Google: is there an impact on performance? Are Bing shoppers showing higher intent and are they more likely to be high-value customers? What is their purchase journey like?

For NetElixir, we will certainly test a higher spend on Bing and track Bing’s customers through our proprietary AI-powered digital marketing platform, LXRInsights, which offers predictive insights about your high-value customers. Through LXRInsights, we can share actionable insights to more effectively allocate marketing budgets and plan promotions.

Screenshot of ChatGPT's answer to Are We Seeing Ad Dollars Being Diverted To Bing?

What Are Your Thoughts On Google’s Bard Chatbox?

Bard is a reactionary release from Google, as Google had to provide an answer to ChatGPT. Although Bard’s live demo did not go according to plan, it is better to lose through actions than inaction. Given Google’s track record as the leading search engine, it is highly likely that they will come up with an innovative response soon that continues to change and enhance the search narrative.

ChatGPT will have an impact on Google; only time will tell how much of an impact. It will be interesting to look at the demographics of early adopters, as we know that Gen Z is more open to new technologies than their older counterparts. Monitoring new trends as they emerge will be crucial.

Screenshot of ChatGPT's answer to What Are Your Thoughts On Google’s Bard Chatbox?

If OpenAI Has An AI That Others Can Use, Is This Indicative Of Commoditization Of Product?

The commoditization of product is sustainable only if there is a huge pool of marketers willing to invest in and pay for it as a successful business. Yes, everyone will use the same or similar platform, but how they use it will be the differentiating factor. What we’re looking at is the emergence of the golden period of new customer jobs to be done, as some can now be performed by or, at the very least, simplified through the use of AI.

Continued AI innovations will lead to exponential technologies that can then lead to a huge number of new jobs that we cannot even fathom right now. Brands should focus on where they can leverage the generative AI element to unlock and unleash their human creativity and ingenuity. How brands leverage this emerging technology to enhance their creative excellence and strategy will be the key differentiators in the post-ChatGPT future.

What we’re looking at is the opposite of commoditization. ChatGPT breaks commoditization, as it raises everyone’s base-level of creation. The benefits of new heights of creative excellence and new innovations outweigh the risk of commoditization.

Screenshot of ChatGPT's answer to If OpenAI Has An AI That Others Can Use, Is This Indicative Of Commoditization Of Product?

How Is Generative AI Impacting Social Media Channels Like TikTok?

As TikTok operates as a creator economy, AI can add more generative content options into the tools creators have at their disposal. As long as the content continues to be engaging and relevant to viewers and be easy to use by the average TikTok user, it will fit seamlessly into TikTok’s platform.

However, social media needs to continually refine their safety and privacy measures to ensure they are up to par with regulations and user expectations. More power to the creators should not come at the cost of our safety. With generative AI, the line between what is real and what is not will get very blurred, so the platform and creators need to be sensitive to these implications.

Screenshot of ChatGPT's answer to How Is Generative AI Impacting Social Media Channels Like TikTok?

Key Takeaways Regarding ChatGPT

  • Think of ChatGPT as a first draft generator, which elevates the foundation of your creative starting base
  • ChatGPT-powered Bing is Microsoft’s iPhone moment, with the capability of revolutionizing the chat, browse, and search experience
  • Google is not going anywhere anytime soon; however, the nature of search is evolving
  • It is important for digital marketers to test how new trends could impact their brand; as traffic is shifting to Bing, test what a higher ad spend on Bing brings to your business
  • The search experience is evolving and we may see the emergence of a conversation-funnel, along with an improvement in the relevance of the search results within the traditional search funnel
  • Human ingenuity and creative excellence will become key differentiating factors for agencies and creators alike
  • Google search relies on your personal browsing history and patterns to better understand the context of your search queries and populate as many results as possible; the quality of ChatGPT’s single answer rests on the quality of the prompt

How Is NetElixir Leveraging AI?

During his discussion with our partners at BWG about ChatGPT, Udayan asked his questions to ChatGPT and used the results as a launching point to craft his full response. Using ChatGPT as a springboard for more developed, creative ideas is the perfect way to use the AI.

At NetElixir, we celebrate the combination of human ingenuity with AI-intelligence. Our AI-powered digital marketing platform, LXRInsights, leverages predictive analytics to chart the customer journeys of your high-value customers. By gaining actionable insights into your customers’ behavior, you can make more informed strategic decisions to maximize the reach and impact of your marketing dollars.

We aim to integrate ChatGPT into our LXRInsights and LXRGuide platforms to test if it can generate personalized ad copy on the fly in response to specific audience signals and brand needs.

Internally, we are categorizing our Engineering and Operations Departments to identify where we can take advantage of ChatGPT as an assistant to simplify our own jobs to be done and free up employees’ time for more strategic and creative elements.

To leverage our AI capabilities and digital marketing experts, schedule a consultation with the team now!


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