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As announced in our last post about our new SEO Tool, this coming Thursday(sorry to have rescheduled) we will be on Twitter discussing the cool new features of the LXR Marketplace’s newest tool, the SEO Rank Checker. We will be sharing how-to videos, and answering questions that you and other users have about using the new marketing tool.

Just tweet and follow – @NetElixir or #LXRMarketplace.


How do you participate in a Twitter Chat or Twitter Party?

  • Follow both the hashtag and the organizer.
  • Leave comments about what the organizer or someone else has Tweeted while using the hashtag.
  • If you comment to someone who is participating about something off topic, do so without the hashtag.
  • When you Tweet something leave room for other’s RT or retweet.
  • Say hello to the organizer and everyone who is participating at the onset by using both their Twitter profile name, and the Hashtag. So for Thursdays you might want to say:
    • @Netelixir I am looking forward to learning all about the new tool  from #LXRMarketplace and picking up some marketing tips.
    • @Netelixir #LXRMarketplace let the chat begin!
  • At the end, thank the moderator and or anyone who was overwhelmingly helpful during the chat.
  • Be sure to Follow any other participant profiles that  might be useful or related to your niche.
  • Be nice..trolling(just reading Tweets) is fine, but actively engaging by Tweeting yourself is better.

Additionally,  you can use any number of tools to follow the Twitter Chat, such as Hootsuite, Twubs,,
If  you have any questions about the Twitter Chat, please feel free to contact us on Twitter, email or phone. or

A page was created on Twubs(a tool for monitoring Twitter Chats) and you can go there and create a free profile and follow the chat.

Or join our community on Nestivity.

Hope to see you profile on the chat!

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