Celebrating the Launch of the LXRPlugin


At first it was merely an idea – create a tool that would let you pull your Google AdWords reports right into an Excel workbook. Not only would this revolutionize the way people use their Google AdWords but it would provide convenience, ease of access, and less time downloading .txt files. We wanted to make a tool that would make AdWords easy to understand and let people take charge and become an expert of their own AdWords account.

After a tremendous amount time with countless months of programming, trial and error testing, unknown hours of lost sleep, and raw ambition to create something all our clients and beyond could use, we did it!

We’re proud to reveal our LXRPlugin Tool, made with love for small business around the world. It lets you generate over 35+ types of reports (covering all aspects of your AdWords account) and receive actionable insights and powerful recommendations for all your reports in less than 60 seconds. Better yet, you can customize your own metrics for each type of report.

Our offices happily celebrated with festivities with cake, sweets, pizza, and snacks galore.

As we say at NetElixir, onward!

You can try our plugin for free today via http://www.lxrmarketplace.com/lxr-plugin-tool.html

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