Garmentory is a curated fashion marketplace of indie boutiques and emerging designers dedicated to the young luxury segment. The e-commerce platform aims to be a community for discovery while providing access to shop the best in contemporary fashion with one checkout.


With 250+ boutiques and 2,000+ designers, Garmentory’s inventory is unique and complex. Not only are they operating within the young luxury segment and price point, but are a platform dedicated to providing support and exposure to indie boutiques and emerging brands. They have dynamic CPA requirements and can spend more on a $300 item than on a $100 item. So NetElixir was tasked in setting goals on a per item basis. As the CPA goals were met and maintained, NetElixir was also tasked with increasing conversions to maximize revenue.


Working closely with Garmentory’s team, we adopted their internal ranking metrics to the marketing campaign and created custom channels. We were able to drill down into product groups to optimize the top performers based on Garmentory’s ranking system, taking into account seasonality, price, margin, etc.


Apparel & Accessories

Grew conversions by maximizing & improving bid strategy

Content Bars

+107% YOY Revenue
+150% YOY ROI with a Lower CPA
+76%  Conversions