Can Ad Extensions Really Improve Your AdWords Campaign?

Bakemeawish Ad in Google

Ever see one of those large ads that have all the information you could ever want about a business? They’re called ad extensions, and they’re a great way to give people more than one reason to click. For instance, you could see call buttons, location, reviews, additional text, and more. These extensions will put your ads to work.

Adding more content to your ads will give you greater visibility on the SERP without any extra cost. They often will increase clicks because they’re so helpful. Ad extensions can be automatic or set-up manually, depending what AdWords thinks will improve performance. It’s important to note that these guys only show up when AdWords thinks they’ll help your campaign or when your ad’s position and Ad Rank are high enough.


Check out all those extensions! You can see Bake Me A Wish’s telephone number, structured snippets, and even sitelinks making it easy to get to their products. My mouth is watering just looking at it.

Why should you use Ad Extensions?

  • They’re one of the best ways you can improve CTR on AdWords.
  • Your ads will stand out and will give potential customers more opportunities to click.
  • If your CTR goes up, so does your Quality Score. This means your CPC will go down!

Here’s proof:

  • Five separate WordStream Managed Services clients used text extensions in beta and saw CTR improvements of 50% and higher. This was even better than call extensions.
  • Image extensions have shown a 10-20% CTR increase.
  • Social extensions have could increase CTR by 20%.
  • Location extensions can increase CTR up to 10%.

Who should use Ad Extensions?

  • Visual products and services would benefit from image extensions.
  • Ecommerce sites should use sitelink extensions, especially for higher converting sections.
  • Ecommerce should also use offer extensions like promo codes.
  • App sellers could benefit from app extensions if they want to increase conversions or direct traffic to a specific part of their website.
  • Anyone with a newsletter who wants to build a strong user base can use email extensions.
  • Local businesses can benefit from location extensions.
  • Any chains that have multiple locations should use multiple addresses for location extensions for a better user experience.

Here’s what it’ll look like when you create your own sitelink extensions:


Link Text (25): List whatever item you’re trying to promote.

Landing Page: Where you want the user to go once they click.

Device Preference: Self-explanatory. Just think ahead!

Description Line 1 (35 characters): Describe whatever is in the link text.

Description Line 2 (35 Characters): Describe the link text even more or add a brand USP.

Start/end Dates Scheduling: Make sure you don’t skip this step. It would be unfair and cruel to show a great offer after it’s expired!

So, if you want your ads to work harder for you, consider ad extensions. Judging by the numbers, you don’t have too much to lose since they’re free.

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