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google panda 4.0

Noticed a shift in your rankings over the past month? It’s very likely your website’s organic rankings have been less-than-stable over the past month or two. Well, there is a reason for this, and it’s called Google Panda 4.0.

There has been speculation for some time that Google had a major algorithm update in the works, but they categorically denied anything was going on. However, late last evening news broke that Google has released the newest version of Panda.

History of Google Panda.

Anyone familiar with the digital marketing arena knows about Google Panda. A variety of this Google algorithm update has existed for the past three years, and it has famously been aimed at making the content on the web better. As a result, website owners have been working tirelessly to impress both Google and their readers.

Google Panda 4.0 Impact

Many Panda updates in the past were nothing more than data refreshes that collectively only affected a small percent of web searches. However, Panda 4.0 is a complete change to Google’s algorithm, and it is expected to affect roughly 7.5% of web searches! This number bears repeating since it makes Panda 4.0 the second most impactful update in the history of Google.

The real question is what does this mean for digital marketers? We are working diligently to analyze what the impact will be on search queries and what needs to be done to ensure long term traffic for your website. We are in the midst of conducting a brand new experiment, and the results will be shared soon in another blog post. Stay tuned for more information on this breaking SEO story!

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