Blogging Best Practices for SEO

Blogging for SEO


Blogging Best Practices

Now-a-days, blogs have become an essential part of ecommerce sites. Customers interested in a brand look to a company’s blog site to get a better feel of what the company finds important and what useful content it has to offer. It’s been shown that quality blog posts attract genuine traffic and can greatly improve your site’s SEO. But you may be wondering what makes up a successful blog? Or what types of topics do my users want to see? First and foremost, the main guideline to keep in mind when writing blog posts is to write engaging content your users will find helpful. Continue on for more tips on blogging best practices:

Focus on Current Trends

A great place to start when drafting up a content plan for your blog is to focus on current trends in your industry in order to engage users. For example, if you are a digital marketing business, writing on the latest trends and affairs can be an excellent SEO-friendly tactic you can use to gain traffic. If you act as the news source for your industry and add your own opinion to changes that develop, over time users will look to your blog for updates and expertise.

Post Often

Becoming a thought-leader in your space depends on both quality and frequency. Blogs that are frequently updated, address targeted topics and generate links are well-suited for search engines. In order to actively engage users and positively impact your SEO, it is recommended to post new blogs often. Once to several times a week is a good frequency to start with.

Do the Write Thing for your User

The number one rule of SEO-friendly writing is to make sure you’re writing for your users and not the search engines. The bottom-line purpose of blog posts is to provide useful information. When choosing a theme for a blog post it’s essential to consider what topics people are searching. This is strategic in orienting your blog post in front of the most users possible. When building a blog topic, Google Trends is a great resource you can use to get a feel for what people are searching online.

Know Quality is Key

The quality of the posts you compose is a very important factor when it comes to helping your SEO and helping your users. Readers are only going to share quality content that they find compelling and helpful. In sharing your blog post to others, readers also share a link to your post which ultimately helps your search rankings too. Remember: if you want to be a thought leader, you must be original!

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