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Your Definitive Holiday Checklist

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ChecklistThis holiday season, e-marketers have a lot on their hands when it comes to preparing for Q4. That’s why our team at NetElixir is sharing our secret to success with a helpful checklist for better performance and revenue into the new year. Continue reading to find out more!


How You Can Prepare at the Account Level:

  • Take a backup file for your whole account (including bids, ads, keywords, extensions, etc.).
  • Perform a complete configuration check of all the account, including tracking codes.
  • Maintaining a backup credit card is always a good practice for the account.

Creative Content for Text Ads:

  • Plan your promo calendar in advance so you know what to look forward to while staying ahead of the game.
  • Make sure you plan Expanded Text Ads in advance. This will help you get a better idea of what you need to mention and push.
  • Pre-schedule promotions and feed dates. For any promotional changes, upload ad copies in paused status with the updated promotion at least 24 hours prior to the event date.
  • Maintain two ad copies per ad group using “Regular” and “Same Day Shipping” or another offer. Plus, you should have one mobile ad copy out there, too.
  • You should use ad customizers for “Offer” ads or “Countdown” ads.
  • Check on real-time ad positioning to stay updated on your holiday campaign.

Everything You Need to Know for the Keyword or Campaign Level:

  • Create projects for certain weeks, while being thrifty about your budget. That way, the entire cost is maintained throughout a few weeks.
  • Launch event-specific campaigns. For example, add Black Friday and Cyber Monday as negatives to your other campaigns.
  • For bid changes, use ad scheduling bid adjustments.
  • Check the PST time zone and make sure to transfer budgets from east to west regions.
  • Perform late night feed uploads where purchases won’t be disrupted.
  • Check automated rules wherever they run.
  • Label your top performing keywords and measure metrics that don’t drop.
  • Use Ad Group level mobile bidding.
  • Review Year Over Year (YoY) comparisons for performance.
  • The quality of traffic tends to be bad during peak seasons. Make sure you perform a Square-Inch Analysis daily.
  • Regularly check competitor behavior. Affiliates may bid at that time.
  • Review November to December YoY analysis with spend and revenue.
  • Maintain a Google Analytics Dashboard with an hourly trend (Template Link).
  • By taking the time to follow these simple guidelines, e-marketers everywhere should be ready for Q4.
  • NetElixir cares about tracking and building your performance and revenue so that’s why we’ve put together this amazing checklist. Don’t make this holiday season more stressful than it already is!