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Top 5 Brand-Driven Viral Videos on YouTube

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Source: www.nationaldirectmedia.com

We live in a world of bite sized communication.  Our attention spans are short and if you don’t grab our attention in the first minute, we’ve most likely checked out and are on to the next thing.  Brands seem to have picked up on this and are producing slick viral videos on YouTube.  These are the videos we talk about, which in turn promote brand awareness or product sales.  The examples below are the top viewed brand-driven ad campaigns for the first week in June.  Though the videos come from established brand names, this is not to say that a smaller company can’t get involved.  This is the beauty of user driven video content on YouTube.  What makes these videos successful is how they entertain without a hard sell angle.  Viral content doesn’t work unless it’s viewed as entertainment rather than a commercial.  Take a look, get inspired.

The Coke Zero and Mentos Rocket Car

Nike Football- Write the Future

Walk on Water (Liquid Mountaineering)

McDonalds- Come As You Are

PepsiFootball- Oh Africa

-Jordyn Haas