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Google Hummingbird: Your Questions Answered

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Last week, eCommerce Marketing Manager of Ulla Popken, Steven Pope, hosted a webinar on how the Google Hummingbird update impacts SEO efforts as a part of NetElixir University’s Guest Expert Series.

During the webinar, many questions were pouring in from attendees, and we weren’t able to answer all of them during the session. We’ve compiled these questions and would like to share them to help you understand the impact of Google Hummingbird on your SEO efforts.

One attendee asked what most SEOs are thinking right now: If keywords are less important, what should SEO organic folks focus on?

Steven answers: Keywords are most definitely still important. They are just less important compared to the new search engine algorithm Hummingbird which focuses more on delivering speedy results for relevant “information.” Focus on delivering the right information and still include keywords but avoid keyword stuff strategies in favoring of conversationally making your point with relevant information to back it up. I’d say keywords will remain relevant for many months to come, just less relevant than they were in 2012 or before.

{Read the entire Q&A here.}

If you missed this webinar, you can view the recording here.

Stay tuned for information about next month’s webinar!