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Google Announces Redesign of AdWords

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Google AdWords has seen not seen much of a change at the UI level since its introduction 15 years ago. That all changed on Monday, when Google announced a redesign of the AdWords platform for a more “mobile-first world.”

With more mobile savvy advertisers, it’s become necessary to design a mobile-friendly platform that can fetch more data in less time. The look and feel of the tool was redesigned, based on Google’s design language, Material Design*.

According to Google, there will be no change in the campaign structure or how it currently runs. Their main focus is to make the tool user-friendly with an enhanced data display and campaign management features. The new AdWords will be available to everyone by 2017. As of right now, only advertisers who have received an invite from Google directly are able to test it out and provide their feedback.

As marketers, we’ll be eagerly waiting to see the changes the new AdWords interface will bring and are anticipating the impact it’ll have on the advertising world!

*Material Design is a design language created by Google. Some examples of Google apps which feature this design include Google Maps, Drive, and Gmail.