Bing Ads Announces Shopping Campaigns Beta

Bing Ads Announces Shopping Campaigns Beta


When Google launched their Shopping Campaigns for PLAs, many of us could predict the next step that Bing would probably take next to catch up, in order to enhance the online purchase experience of their users while also helping advertisers to bring their buyers closer to make transaction.

For those who thought that Bing Product Ads would be the closest Microsoft could get to emulating Google’s Shopping Campaigns, you’ll be pleased to know that Bing has now announced their new Beta for Bing Shopping Campaigns!

Here are the new features that Bing Shopping Campaigns will offer:

  1. Product Groups: Targeting by Product Group, covered by a single node in the tree structure as well as a single bid.

  2. Campaign priority settings: Enables you to prioritize your shopping campaign over your product ad campaign and your other shopping campaigns.

  3. Promotional Text: Create targeted promotional text per product group and categorized into ad groups, which has been shown to help improve click-through-rate.

  4. Custom Labels: Identify your products with labels, (such as a best seller, margin driver, revenue driver, volume driver, special or seasonal item, etc.) to help you better invest or divest your spend  accordingly.

  5. Content API support:  Enables you to manage and update your product feed automatically.

  6. Enhanced Reporting: Enables you to see how you compare in the relative product targets and measure your performance as granularly as down to every item in your inventory.

Lastly, the most important feature that every advertiser who is managing shopping campaigns in Google will thank Microsoft for is the “Import from Google Adwords” Function: This feature will allow you to replicate your shopping campaign structure from AdWords into Bing shopping. (Note that the feed needs to be uploaded into Bing merchant center for this feature to work.)

With all of these new features coming to Bing, it’s time to get excited for the Beta version of Bing shopping campaigns. Soon we will be able to  explore the underlying opportunities of Product Ads in Bing with convenience like we never had before.

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