App Store Optimization Tips

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is key for getting your app discovered and downloaded. Whether your app is on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store, or GetJar, there are tools and techniques you can use to optimize your listing.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is the process of improving your app’s descriptive content to maximize visibility on the app store and increase downloads. It is similar to SEO, with a focus on apps instead of web pages. 60% of users discover apps through browsing and search, so optimizing your listing is key.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Process

When optimizing your app store listing, the main thing to consider is your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your app? What will those people be searching for? Make a list of different terms your audience might use to find what your app offers. Do research by reading listings of competitor apps to see what terms they include. You can also use SEO keyword tools to find similar phrases to incorporate into your listing.

What to Consider For App Store Optimization (ASO)

  • Name: For app store listing optimization, make sure to include top keywords in your app’s name. For example, the Google News app is called “Google News: Top World & Local News Headlines.” Google is reaching users searching for news, headlines, world news, and local news by including a longer description in its app name.
  • Icon: On the app store, your icon should be viewable at any size. Avoid using text; opt for a visually-appealing logo or symbol instead. Your icon is key for successful ASO marketing and ASO advertising.
  • Description: Here’s where you want to include all of your keywords. Do so naturally by using terms interchangeably rather than just listing all your keywords out at the end. When considering how to write an app store description, the first 3 lines are the most important, so be sure those include what your app does and what its benefits are. Be sure to address the reasons your audience should download your app to maximize conversions! 
  • Video Previews: You can include up to 3 preview videos, up to 30 seconds each. These are displayed first, before screenshots or the description. Make them compelling, especially the first few seconds. Show the app experience in an attractive and clear way.
  • Screenshots: You can include up to 10 screenshots, and they’re displayed right after video previews. To follow app store best practices, make sure to use all 10 slots. Use these to showcase your app’s main features and provide details. Your goal is to convince users to download your app from the app store. A common technique is to include pictures of a phone screen with the app on it along with a background and text that explains the screen image rather than screenshots with no explanation.
    • Example:

App Store Optimization screenshot example

ASO Factors You Can’t Control

Aside from the above considerations, app search listings also take ratings, reviews, and number of downloads into account. You can’t directly control these. However, you can work to improve your listing in other ways, thus improving its visibility, increasing conversions, and ultimately leading to an improvement in download count and ratings.

App Updates And How They Affect ASO

In order to maintain your ranking, you must keep your app up-to-date. Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store take into account how often you update your app. An updated app makes for a better user experience as well. You can use updates to keep content fresh, clean up bugs, and add new features.

Continuous Optimization

ASO isn’t a set-and-forget task. You must continuously assess your success. Monitor your ranking and that of your competitors. Analyze changes your competitors make and use those learnings to make adjustments to your own listing. Read your reviews and address any concerns that your users have in a timely manner. Remember: to be successful, it’s crucial to have a great product.

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