Anticipating Cyber 5 Results

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The NetElixir Retail Intelligence Lab continues to monitor the hour-by-hour eCommerce trends of the 2020 Cyber 5 compared to the 2019 data to mark significant search-shop-buy patterns and growth opportunities. These past 4 days have been quite the roller coaster ride: a slower than forecasted Thanksgiving, a moderately strong Black Friday, and a stronger than expected Saturday and Sunday are the hallmarks of this year’s Cyber 5. 

See for yourself below:

Day-Wise %YoY Ecommerce Sales Growth (Thanksgiving to Sunday)


YoY Number of Orders Change (compared to  2019) YoY Revenue Change (compared to 2019) YoY AOV Changed (compared to 2019) YoY Change in Sessions (compared to 2019)


18.83% 16.21%


Black Friday


27.72% 11.20%


Small Business Saturday


33.78% 15.68%




29.33% 16.02%


Total 12.06% 28.02% 14.25%


YoY Cyber 5 results from Thanksgiving Day to Sunday 2020 compared to 2019 within NetElixir’s dataset.

This Cyber Monday may go down in the history books as (arguably) the most important online shopping day in 2020. To learn the full results of Cyber Monday’s performance and the category-level insights, join NetElixir’s 2020 Holiday Cyber 5 Webinar, LIVE on December 3rd at 2 PM ET

Observations on Cyber 5 Trends 

  • The Food, Pet Supplies, and Home Décor retail categories are experiencing a pandemic-led boost in sales with massive YoY growth. The eCommerce winners have continually shifted ranks as the demand surge ebbs and flows through this highly competitive holiday season.
  • However, evergreen holiday categories like apparel are continuing to struggle. Even regular gifting categories are experiencing lower than expected growth as shoppers are preferring to buy gift items with a stronger utilitarian value. CNBC reported that shoppers want to feel more connected during this holiday season and so are seeking out personalized, thoughtful gifts. 
  • Consumers are carefully researching and analyzing the cost of each purchase much more than in prior years. Your website should be fully optimized with your deals prominently displayed to let shoppers know exactly what to expect.  Shoppers have not been as attracted by the regular promotions retailers were running on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
  • Creativity in sales, advertising means, and campaigns will truly be the mark of success during this highly competitive holiday season. Unique promotions will help win back shopper excitement.
  • Opportunities are fleeting, but a 24/7 monitoring of search campaigns will drive further revenue growth.
  • There is a fair amount of pent-up demand. In-store sales are radically down, which should have diverted demand to online channels. However, as online sales have not been as high as anticipated, it may be an indication that online shoppers are still hunting for more attractive deals. Retail Dive reported that, among Gen Z shoppers, 71% were waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals because they were shopping on a tighter budget this year.

Live webinar on Cyber 5 results, insights, trendsThere is so much more to unpack during this truly unique Cyber 5. For the full results, insights, and trends and what the real-time data means for the remainder of the holiday season, join our 2020 Holiday Cyber 5 Webinar, LIVE on December 3rd at 2 PM ET. Register at

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