Announcing New LXRMarketplace Tool!

This week we are launching a revolutionary free SEO tool – the SEO Rank Checker. What makes it revolutionary? Free and unlimited ranking alerts and email updates! Unlike any other tool already out there, the SEO Rank Checker provides users with the ability to set goals for keyword rankings which they will be alerted to and receive complimentary PDF reports, every week, straight to their inbox.

The tool will also allow business to track competitor comparison of keyword rankings on both Google and Bing and also create ranking charts for custom periods.

No other free SEO rank checker provides the following unique benefits to its users:

–          Getting PDF reports and ranking alerts delivered to mailbox every week

–          Daily updates on SEO rankings on Google and Bing versus competitors.

–          Create keyword ranking charts for custom date ranges.

The LXRMarketplace is proud to keep building innovative web based search marketing tools that deliver incredible value to more than 20,000 users worldwide.

Check out the tool for yourself and join us on Thursday July 18 @ 12:30pm EST on Twitter to discuss cool new features, view how-to videos, and ask questions. Just tweet and follow

#LXRMarketplace or @NetElixir

See you there!

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