{#AnalyticsWeek} Day 4 – User ID: Track Your Best Customers in Google Analytics

Analytics Week 2016 day 4 user id

In today’s session of #AnalyticsWeek, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy at NetElixir, and Pawel Matkowski, Google Global Product Lead, Data Integrations, Google Analytics at Google discussed one of the least adopted, yet perhaps most powerful feature of Google’s Universal Analytics. Aptly named User ID, it provides you with an ability to identify and track your best customers’ visits and actions on your web site at the individual level which also enables a powerful set of cross-device conversion tracking capabilities.

Some of the valuable insights included:

  • Implementing User ID requires development resources but is affordable for even the smallest business because the effort isn’t labor intensive. Any web site that authenticates its users for any reason, e.g. ecommerce sites, subscription services, SaaS platforms, can take advantage of this capability in a matter of minutes, not hours.

  • The impact of being able to track cross-device conversion behavior alone can justify any expense associated with User ID implementation. In our Day 3 session, Steph Schmitt of Google spoke about the mechanisms you can use to understand the full value of mobile traffic. Pawel shared specific examples of not just understanding the value of mobile but also the value of cross-device users.  Companies saw:

    • Average order values that were up to 700% higher when the users used the 3 different device categories in their conversion path.  700%!

    • Revenue per user for those who used all 3 device categories that were 300% higher than the site average.  300%!

Stay tuned on our blog, as we continue to explore other aspects of our learnings today.

Our last and final session tomorrow, How Your Business Can Benefit from the AI in IBM’s Watson, from 1 – 1:30 p.m. EST will feature our Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy and  Tomas Gonzalez, Technical Specialist for IBM. You’ll gain a better understanding of how you can effectively communicate your brand’s voice, and you’ll learn all about data visualization and predictive analytics.

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