{#AnalyticsWeek} Day 2: 3 Ways You’ll Find Revenue & Profits in Google Analytics

Analytics Week 2016 day 3 profits in google analytics

In today’s session of #AnalyticsWeek, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy at NetElixir, discussed three ideas that every e-commerce business can implement in order to discover revenue and profit improving ideas from your Google Analytics data. Some of our insights included:

1.Take Advantage of the Integration Between Your Analytics and Your Paid Search:

  • Make sure you have linked AdWords and Google Analytics, enabled auto-tagging in Bing.

2.Site Search Market Expansion

  • Periodically conduct keyword profitability and top product sales driver analyses.

  • Regularly mine your site search engine data for diamonds in the rough.

3. Using Sitewide Performance Data to Steer Paid Ad Bidding Strategies

  • When basing demand generation efforts on product sales, use all product sales not just sales by specific channel.

During tomorrow’s session, 4 Insights To Improve Your Mobile Performance, from 1-2 p.m. EST, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy at NetElixir, and Steph Schmitt, Agency Account Stategist at Google, will walk us through four key insights for measuring and improving your site’s performance with e-commerce’s fastest growing traffic segment, smartphone shoppers. All levels of analytics knowledge can benefit from this unique, hands-on learning workshop.

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