Amazon’s Growth into the Nordics

Amazon’s Growth into Nordics

Amazon’s recent growth into the Nordics region is an exciting step for e-commerce development. officially launched at the end of October, becoming Amazon’s 7th marketplace in Europe and 17th country overall across the globe. This  expansion strengthens Amazon’s position as one of the largest online marketplaces. As a result, having a brand presence on Amazon can strengthen your online presence and help you expand into new markets and reach new customers. 

Amazon Amidst the E-Commerce Landscape

It is no secret that e-commerce is booming across the globe, especially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Nordic e-commerce landscape specifically is a fast-growing and sizable market, according to a BCG report. The report finds that Nordic B2C e-commerce reached almost €24 billion (just over $29B)  in 2019 and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

An e-commerce presence is a critical channel for brands everywhere to continually serve customers. Amazon remains steadfast in its commitment to offering a wide variety of products, low prices, and a convenient shopping experience, according to CNBC. These tenements are what draw consumers to online shopping in the first place. FBA options can easily bring your products directly and reliably to local customers. An Amazon presence can help your brand capitalize on increased exposure on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

According to BCG, Amazon is poised to capture 5-10% of the Nordics e-commerce market. This is an enormous opportunity for brands to grow in the upcoming years.

To help brands grow their Amazon presence as well as maximize their overall e-commerce strategy, NetElixir has also expanded our reach to the Nordic region. Earlier this year, NetElixir announced our international expansion into Sweden. We aim to empower e-commerce growth through empathy, insights, and innovation for all brands. We want to ensure brands have a strong Amazon strategy from day one on the marketplace that fits in seamlessly with their overall business needs and goals.

“At NetElixir, we consider ourselves to be strategic growth partners to our clients, who help to drive business performance through ecommerce channels,” said Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO of NetElixir, in a MarTech Series conversation. “2021 will be a year of transformation in which the changes we saw materialize become ingrained in business culture and consumer habits. Digital habits are forever changed, which presents an enormous opportunity to businesses to grow in new ways. We aim to be a partner to those businesses and help them seize this opportunity.”

Developing a brand presence on Amazon and strengthening your strategy with experts like NetElixir can be a great opportunity to expand your business and capture new markets.

What Does Amazon’s Growth Mean for You?

As Amazon continues to grow, you will have a new marketplace to reach a global audience. Selling on Amazon helps you to increase revenue, test products, gather product reviews, target and engage new customers, and support your own website — so you don’t want to miss out on launching and growing your Amazon brand presence. 

Learn proven strategies and insights to compete on Amazon with NetElixir’s three-part webinar series, live Thursdays in March at 2 CET starting on March 4th:

  • Part 1: March 4th — How to Launch and Grow Your Brand on Amazon
  • Part 2: March 11th — What Are the Cornerstones of a Strategy to Compete On Amazon?
  • Part 3: March 18th — Amazon as an International Marketplace
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