AdWords Scripts: What Are They & What Do They Do?

adwords scripts

If you’ve ever managed a campaign in Google AdWords, you’ve probably noticed all the intricate details that go into each campaign. It’s difficult to monitor everything, especially if you slip into a routine of redundant tasks, which leaves less time for strategic planning outside of daily or weekly tasks.

Lucky for you, there are AdWords scripts that can optimize your time and automate your AdWords tasks. That means you’ll be able to focus more of your attention on your marketing efforts and take them to the next level.

NetElixir is excited to announce that we’ve created a library of AdWords Scripts that can save you hundreds of hours per month. We’ll be sharing up to two a month. Here’s a quick sneak peek below:

Account Inactivity Checker

Use this script daily to view the potential threat of no users visiting your site. This script will email you if your account has been inactive for more than an hour. If this persists, you’ll receive an hourly email until the account goes live. The Account Inactivity Checker is useful for businesses that run exclusively on weekdays. Now you’ll always be aware how your website is performing and whether you have visitors to your site.

Campaign Hour of Day Bid Modifier Check Description

Maintain profitability throughout the day with bid modifiers and day partitions that adjust your ad spend based on how well your ads are performing. This script lets you know which existing campaigns aren’t equipped with bid modifiers for day partitions so you can modify them.

Campaign Target Location ID Check

Location targeting is crucial for knowing who is seeing your ads and where. This feature helps you segment your audience, giving you valuable information that’ll help you understand where people are responding to your ads. This script allows you to check if your campaigns are missing location IDs from a default list of target location IDs.

Identify Campaigns That Spend More Than The Daily Budget

This automated AdWords script will help you identify which campaigns are using up your daily budget. When your budget is below the recommended amount, it may not accommodate all the available traffic for your keywords and other campaign targeting settings. To make sure your budget lasts throughout the day, AdWords will decrease the amount of times you ad will appear. Ads in your campaign may still appear, but just not as often as they could. Reallocate your budget to make your high performing ads show the most they can.

Identify Duplicate Keywords in a Campaign Across Different Ad Groups

To reach your conversion goals, you should create a theme for your ad groups, based off keywords. If a keyword is associated with multiple ad groups, it can either help or hurt your performance. This script will identify what duplicate keywords are working and which ones you should ditch.

Landing Page URL Link Checker

For a company with thousands of SKUs, setting keyword-level destination URLs will increase an ad’s quality score, decrease bounce rate, and boost CTR. This script will check for broken links in any destination URL whose response code is not reading correctly.

Missing Keyword Final URLs Checker

This automated AdWords script will help you identify and check the keywords in ad groups that are missing a final URL. Setting up keyword-level destination URLs is a great solution for companies with large quantity of product SKUs. Other advantages of ad group destination URLs include increased quality score, decreased bounce rate from paid traffic, and increased CTR.

No Active Keyword/ Ad Copies for a Campaign

It’s important to have active keywords and ad copies to run a campaign and get the results you want. The No Active Keyword/Ad Copies for a campaign checker keeps you up to date if you don’t activate your keywords or ad copies. This automated AdWords script will help you know which campaigns don’t have active keywords/ad copies.

Target Audience Check

The Target Audience Check script helps business owners identify all the audiences missing in their campaigns / ad groups list. You can set up your audience at the campaign level or at the individual group level, and this script gives you the output of all the campaigns / ad groups lists that have missing audiences.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your AdWords campaigns. Make life easier so you can focus on your bigger goals. Look out for our first two scripts that’ll be released soon!

Find out more in our upcoming webinar on how to save time and eliminate redundant tasks with our AdWords scripts. Bonus – you’ll have access to our on-demand webinars, too!


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