Google Upgrades AdWords Editor to Support Labels

Google Upgrades AdWords Editor to Support Labels


For Pay-Per-Click advertising management, the best strategy to ensure your accounts are running optimally is to be constantly testing elements. Luckily for PPC advertisers, managing all those tests at once just got a little easier with the addition of Labels in AdWords Editor.

Until last week, Labels in Adwords were only available through the Adwords web-interface. The moment we heard about an Adwords Editor update with support for Labels, we couldn’t believe the news!

Label support in Adwords Editor? Have I died and gone to heaven? 

Who would have thought that the AdWords gods were listening to the thousands of search marketers begging for this feature to be included in Adwords Editor!

According to the AdWords blog, Google made their addition of custom labels in Editor based on user feedback. Now, users can create, edit, delete, and filter labels all from Adwords Editor! Even better, users can also import and export account changes based on labels.


The full support for Labels comes with the latest version of Adword Editor 11.1. Version 11 was released last year, and if you are still using the older version, you can upgrade here and enjoy Labels and several other new features. You can also continue to use the older version, as this new upgrade does not replace the older version.

The other new features that come with the AdWords Editor 11.1 update are support for upgraded URLs, Call-only ads, and ads in mobile apps. AdWords Editor will now also allow advertisers to sort their Google Display Network audiences based on parental status, in addition to gender and age to effectively target their key demographics.

The full set of feature upgrades are listed here.


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