The Advantage of Being Fanatically Analytical

Simplifying the way you discover and connect with new customers online is part of our DNA.


NetElixir is a digital marketing agency that helps retail marketers find and engage high-value customers. Our story began in a small apartment over 16 years ago when a tweet was just a sound that birds made and Yahoo was the world’s biggest search engine. Since then we have been driven by a simple yet powerful purpose - helping businesses succeed online. While this purpose drives us to move forward, our core values have been the pillars of our organization:

  • Respect
  • Customer Delight
  • Equal Opportunity for All
  • Quality Obsession

We love learning about what makes your shoppers click. Our team has helped over 500 retail brands grow their digital presence and profitable revenues. We are passionate about gaining a deeper insight into what makes customers engage with a brand.


Every business is unique. Every business has the potential to grow. As trusted partners of our clients' teams, we immerse ourselves in their businesses and unlock growth opportunities through a combination of strategic foresight and clinical execution. Driving exceptional outcomes for our clients matters to us more than anything else. This includes establishing a stronger digital brand, acquiring a deeper understanding of their customers, and spurring exponential, profitable revenue growth.


Today’s online shopper interacts with a myriad of touchpoints and channels on the way to making a purchase. NetElixir offers a full suite of retail digital marketing solutions to ensure your business maximizes its impact at every customer interaction. By combining unparalleled retail intelligence with cutting-edge customer journey mapping technology, we help your brand put its best face forward in the moments that matter to your high-value shoppers.

Our team can begin by evaluating your site performance and customers’ online shopping behavior to identify specific needs or gaps in strategy. From there, we provide solutions including paid search, organic search (SEO), social media, Amazon advertising, and MarTech to take advantage of opportunities for growth.


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