A Walk with the Ghost – Marketing with Snapchat

Released in September 2011, Snapchat has come a long way from being a photo and video sharing app to a marketer’s paradise. The only possible reason you may not have heard of Snapchat is if you’re not of this world. With over 150 million estimated users worldwide, Snapchat boasts 500 million shared stories each day.

For a lot of us, one of the first things we do when we roll out of bed is check our phone. Regardless of which platform we prefer and what order, we check out the latest updates, notifications, mentions, or trends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. The little ghost icon can be found in a majority of smartphones, claiming to have more active users than the microblogging platform, Twitter.

Wherever you, whether it’s that new barbeque restaurant down the street or trip to the Amazon rainforest, it’s hard to resist share your story on Snapchat as it happens. The filters available on the app can make even the dullest moments, like waiting at a doctor’s office, more engaging.

Snapchat daily video views have increased 400% YoY

What’s So Special About It?

Snapchat allows you to take 10 seconds of photos or videos and share with anyone around the world. Filter options, stickers, and a follow up direct message make the app even more intricate and fun for its users.

Snapchat daily video views have increased 400% YoY, which is more than Facebook. Now to answer you question about why Snapchat is so special. It continues to evolve and adapt to users’ changing interests. It works because 70% of these users are within the 18-34 age category. This age bracket has grown up in a time where technology rapidly changes, and they’re able to keep up without any issue. At the pace that Snapchat is evolving, it may become one of the strongest contenders and eventually take over Facebook’s throne. Quite a game of thrones, isn’t it?

Looking At It From a Digital Marketer’s Perspective

There’s no doubt that Snapchat can help you build a great audience by increasing your brand visibility. It’s definitely worth trying as a marketing tool because you can advertise through three ways if you want to run a paid campaign: Snap Ads, Sponsored Geo-Filters, and Sponsored Lenses.

Snapchat allows you to portray your brand in the way you want to. It gives you the chance to showcase the products or services that your business provides to give a better idea to the users.

Helpful Tips to Get Started

Here are some ways you can use Snapchat for free to attract your audience and grow awareness of your brand.

  1. Teasers: Teasers are the most interesting way to introduce your brand and engage your audience. Create awesome teasers that last for 10 seconds so your users are awestruck.

  2. Tell a Story: Snapchat stories are one of the best and fun ways of creating brand awareness. Each story can be a compilation of snaps that talk about your brand and you can teach your audience something in parts, too. The audience can look at it as many times as they want until they’re no longer available. (Most stories can last up to 24 hours.)

  3. Contest and Coupon Codes: An interesting way to build followers for your brand is by sharing coupon codes on Snapchat. They will disappear after users have seen them. Alternatively, you can conduct a contest asking the users to utilize your brand filters or lenses and post it as a story. Since these are limited time opportunities, the user has to be agile and engage with your brand quickly. Plus, this will help you gain followers for your brand.

  1. Create Behind the Scenes Videos About Your Brand: If you’re expected to release a new product, you can always share teasers about it. Another idea is showing how your product is made before the release date. Both options and any alternatives help increase hype about your newest product.

Now that you know a little more about Snapchat, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below!

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