The NetElixir Holiday Spirit

Every year, for the last 7 years now, I have been fortunate enough to witness something amazing on this day, the Black Friday. Something that makes every Black Friday very special. Words are inadequate to define this wonderful “thing”. Let me .. just for simplicity .. call this the NetElixir Holiday spirit.

As US shopping frenzy on Black Friday touches unbelievable highs, the real action is actually 8000+ miles away from where the retail action is. At our Hyderabad office.

It is well past midnight in India. The entire operations team is in office. Many of them.. actually, most of them, do not need to. Their “shift” has ended quite some time back. They are still there just to soak in the Black Friday enthusiasm. Even Shruthi is around.. at 3 am.. she is in the  last trimester of her pregnancy (love the enthusiasm.. however.. please get some rest and do not over-stretch). Everyone is busy applying SEM tactics that would help their clients SELL MORE. Real time monitoring and management touches a new level. It is all about maximizing sales generated every minute.. quite literally.

Interesting.. especially when you consider the fact that most (if not all) SEM agencies in US aren’t even working today!

I feel proud.. very proud and privileged.. to be a part of this amazing team. The Team NetElixir.



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