5 Things You Can Automate Before the Holidays

5 Things You Can Automate Before the Holidays

This holiday season is going to be exhausting. Did you know there are six fewer days this year between Black Friday and Christmas? This means the same amount of work needs to be completed in a significantly smaller time frame. With extra help – a luxury that few companies can swing – the best way to make your holiday season easier is to introduce automation. Here are five processes that I use and you can, too to automate this holiday season:

Automate Reporting Across Platforms

Depending on your platform, automating reporting is one of the easiest things you can do! There are many tools at your disposal to create different pipelines to your data or to ease data visualization.

On Google Analytics all you have to do is hit the share button to have Google send an email linking to this data everyday. On Google Ads, this button is available on any report and says “schedule” underneath a clock for your convenience.

Microsoft Advertising has a similar function for reports. Under “my report” settings, you can check the box next to “schedule this report” and select when you want to have the report sent to you over email. You’ll have to save your report as a custom report, so this option will select itself automatically.

Tracking Trends with Google Alerts

Being on top of what’s new is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of tools available to you so can focus your attention on more pressing tasks.

Google Alerts allows users to track a keyword or topic and receive emails whenever Google discovers a new article, webpage, or paper written on the subject. This is a fantastic way to passively monitor your brand, your competitors, or your industry as a whole.

Google Trends and trennd.co are also a quick and easy way to check in on how topics and words are trending online. Google Trends will allow an easy way to track interest and compare two words or more topics, while trennd.co excels at showing new topics and how they’re trending by volume.

Reading Your Email with Python

Most people might assume that writing a piece of code to go through your emails would be incredibly difficult and they’d be wrong. It may a little tricky at first but overall, it can be done in an afternoon if you have the right help and instructions. Check out the link below for a showcase into how ease it can be. Code Hand Book is a great resource to help you get started.

Social Media Posting with Hootsuite or Buffer

Social media can be a huge time sink for professional who wear multiple hats. Checking for company mentions, interacting with meaningful content, and sharing posts can fall to the wayside for more important tasks. This holiday season consider preloading your social media posting by taking advantage of tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

CRO with Google Optimize

This used to be a difficult and costly task, requiring a small team of experts. Now, anybody with Google Tag Manager on their website can conduct their own CRO tests. Using Google Optimize, you can make edits to your webpages and test with a percentage of your traffic without needing any specialized skills or knowledge

These steps are all super easy and allow for you to focus on your work and get into the “flow” and use your time to make the biggest impact you can during your busiest time of year. Adopting these processes will free you from menial tasks and allow you to adapt to the unexpected events that arise and get home before five.

Make sure to like and share, and if you want to learn more about how to do any of these steps, reach out to our team at NetElixir.

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