5 FAQs about Bing Ads’ UET (Universal Event Tracking)

5 FAQs about Bing Ads’ UET (Universal Event Tracking)

It seems Bing Ads is always trying to catch up to Google AdWords, and their addition of UET (Universal Event Tracking) is latest step in that direction. So, what is Universal Event Tracking? Simply put, UET is a tag that enables performance tracking along with the opportunity to derive analytical insights.

What are the benefits of UET?

UET includes three key features that are similar to features offered in Google AdWords and

1.  Site Analytics: UET provides customer engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, new users, etc.

2.  Audience Remarketing: UET allows you to create remarketing lists and use remarketing in paid search.

3.  Conversion Tracking: UET tracks all conversion actions, such as revenue and lead registration.

How do I implement UET?

  • Go to the UET interface within Bing Ads.

  • Click on “Create a Goal”.

  • Choose from a variety of conversion goals to monitor your customer activity (such as Destination, Duration by Visit, Pages per Visit, or a Custom Event).

  • Once your goal is created, click on “View Tag Details”.

  • Place your UET tag on all of your site’s pages.

  • Your tag will look like:

[code language=”javascript”]
<script type=”text/javascript”>// <![CDATA[
(function(w,d,t,r,u){var f,n,i;w[u]=w[u]||[],f=function(){var o={ti:”XXXXXXX”}; o.q=w[u],w[u]=newUET(o), w[u].push(“pageLoad”)},n=d.createElement(t),n.src=r,n.async=1, n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=function(){var s=this.readyState;s&&s!==”loaded”&&s!==”complete”||(f(),n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null)}, i=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0],i.parentNode.insertBefore(n,i)})(window,document,”script”, “//bat.bing.com/bat.js”,”uetq”);
// ]]></script>

  • If there is a goal value to be tracked, place your push function in the required pages:

  • The push function will look like:

[code language=”javascript”]
<script type=”text/javascript”>// <![CDATA[
window.uetq = window.uetq || []; window.uetq.push ({‘gv’ : getRevenue() });
// ]]></script>

When should I implement UET?

UET migration has to happen by July 31st if your account has created any tags before July 2013. However, it would be beneficial for anyone to migrate to UET because it enables a variety of useful features, such as remarketing. Even more, Bing claims that UET is more powerful and accurate compared to their previous tracking.

Where to learn more about UET?

Visit this page to learn more about UET.

Download our infographic on the benefits of Bing ads UET.


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