3 Recommendations for Search Marketers

3 Recommendations for Search Marketers
While search marketers believe dominating the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can drive incremental revenue, it is often hard to quantify its impact. To solve this problem, NetElixir’s Retail Intelligence Lab commissioned a research project to measure the incremental influence on online conversions and resulting revenue due to the presence of PPC, PLA and SEO listings on all the same SERP—what we call “dominating” the SERP.

We shared our findings on Friday (1/23) through a NetElixir University Webinar, called “Supercharge the SERP for your Business!” You can watch the recording of our webinar here or check out the presentation slides here.

If you’re short on time, here are our key research insights from this study:

– Conversions from PPC (text ads) went up by 18% (PPC+PLA+SEO vs. just PPC).

– Conversions from PLA (Shopping ads) went up by 29% (PPC+PLA+SEO vs. just PLA).

– Conversions from SEO went down by 12.2% (PPC+PLA+SEO vs. just SEO).

– Aggregated Conversions went up by 10.8%.

Overall, our stats also point out a trend that organic listings on the SERP give a boost to PPC and PLA ads by making them seem more credible, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

Based on these insights, here are our top 3 recommendations for search marketers who want to dominate the SERP:

– Use just one search marketing manager for PPC, SEO, and PLAs: Our results show that having one manager working on all channels can maximize your return on investment, and keep all channels working with one another, instead of competing against each other.

– Selecting the right SERPs to focus on:  Just as it’s crucial to pick the most relevant and targeted keywords for your business, you should use the same approach to choose the SERPs you want to dominate.

– Use a specialist for Google Shopping management: As Google Shopping is already driving 30%+ revenue for most retail search marketers, using a specialist for Google Shopping is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity.



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