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GA4 Strategies For Your Brand

A discussion between NetElixir and Google experts on the future of measurement and how to ensure proper tracking for your website.


Every day without Google Analytics 4 is a day of data lost! Starting July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will no longer process or collect your data — that means your sales, website traffic, customer insights, and more will not be tracked.


Tauseef Syed
Senior Director of Client Strategy, NetElixir
Billy McLellan
Agency Development Manager, Google

Why Do You Need GA4?

  • Cross-platform analytics tracked through event-based data (rather than session-based data) to track distinct user interactions
  • Predictive analytics powered by Google’s machine learning algorithms for actionable insights
  • Customer journey insights tracked across assets for a holistic view across your website and app
  • Direct connections with media platforms to facilitate visitors taking action across your website
  • Privacy controls to ensure your brand survives and thrives once third-party cookies deprecate this year