The High-Value Beauty Consumer Insights Report

Hello gorgeous! Come meet Sophia, the beauty industry’s high-value consumer, and learn more about her online shopping journey.

What Is Included In This Beauty Trends Report?

  • Insights into the search-shop-buy behavior of the beauty industry’s high-value customer and how Sophia’s behavior changed throughout the year
  • Analysis of the high-value beauty shopper’s customer journey
  • Key beauty industry trends that are impacting customer behavior and expectations
  • Forecast of the 2025 beauty shopper’s habits and preferences

Get Your High-Value Customer Insights

How Does Knowing Sophia Help Me?


As a beauty retailer and marketer…

  • Sophia’s customer journey should be used as a benchmark for your own customers’ journey and habits
  • Adjust your marketing strategy to ensure you are live when Sophia is most likely to be searching and shopping online to capitalize on her intent
  • Understand more about where the beauty industry is heading to ensure your brand is future-ready

As a retailer and marketer from another industry…

  • Understanding customers from other industries only helps you, as your shopper is not exclusive to you! She has other wants, needs for gifting ideas, and desires to try new things.
  • Gain deeper insights into evolving consumer behaviors and trends that could have a wider impact on e-commerce as a whole
  • Collect more data into the shifts in online shopping behavior that can influence your strategic decisions

Ready To Meet Someone Outside The Beauty Industry?

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